Sunday, 30 June 2013

Day 2! What Kind Of Person Attracts You!

Woo, it's Day 2! This one is a little more tricky than a Zodiac sign. I feel it's open to a lot of interpretation, there are possibly many types of attraction. ''What kind of person attracts you?''
1. Could it be what kind of person you like/fancy?
2 Could it be in social circles and your friends, what about them attracts you to be their friend? Like similiar interests etc.
 Just to be random, I'll write about both. It's not as though I have anything else to do... ;) (I'm actually typing this and watching a Gaelic Football match! My home county is playing in this one!)

What Kind of Person Attracts You: Part One.

What kind of person attracts me. Well, this is one is going to be difficult! I'm not going to lie, random things attract me about a person. I love watching Dan Howell (Danisnotonfire) on YouTube, his video's are just hilarious. They're so full of life and are just comical. I feel bad laughing at the many, many, many mistakes Dan has/had made in his life. The video's really cheer me up. What attracts me to him is his sarcasm, humour, accent (I don't know, I just love it) and of course HIS HAIR. I sound so shallow there it's not even funny.

It's the same with most other YouTubers I watch, AmazingPhil ~ I adore his innocence and how lovely he is in his video's.I'd comment on more YouTuber's but I watch nearly too many!

To avoid awkward conversations when I go back to school, I WONT comment on people who attract me in my own life. I know some people who know me read this, and it would be weird for them to find out via my blog about the lads who I like/fancy in school. (Please don't write any names in the comments!) Sorry to spoil that for you all, however I hope you all understand why I won't post any! (There are several names I would list if I could!) ;)

What Kind Of Person Attracts You: Part Two.

This part is about social circles and friends. Mainly about what attracts/entices you into being friends with certain people. Well, at least why I think it happens.

First of all, it's obviously similar interests, perhaps books, music and sport. I have a lot of friends from my badminton club, some are nearly 20 and some are 13! Big age difference but I'm still friends with all of them. So I met those friends through a similar interest I guess.

Another way to meet new friends is obviously through school. It's where most people meet their friends. Last year as some of you may know, I was in TY or Transition Year, it was mainly a ''gap'' year as such before Leaving Cert. So I made lots of new friends through things I did during TY. I was thinking about it recently, how my social circle of friends is COMPLETELY different to one I was in after Third Year. I have more in common with my friends now and we are all of a similar mindset which attracted us all to being friends.

So that was a very random blog post about attraction!
Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless,
Aveen xx

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Day #1 of the 20 Day Blog Challenge!

So I was looking through my updates and found that Pamela (Pam The Mad) is doing a 20 day blog challenge and wanted others to join her, so here I am!

As you can see by the title, today (well tonight) is Day 1! My Zodiac sign and if I think it fits my personality. Well, do I? First of all, I was born in late September so I'm a Libra. I do read my horoscopes occasionally and find them to somewhat accurate at times.  

I found this website and it describes me VERY well. 

I can be quite indecisive and changeable at times. I despite cruelty towards others, even if they supposedly ''deserve it'' I don't like seeing anyone in pain. I want everyone to be happy. I HATE being criticised, it's one of the worst feelings. I feel as though someone is nearly attacking a piece of my soul and I'll probably remember the criticism for a while!

SOme Libran's are lazy, some are ambitious. To be honest I can be both when I want to be. At times I can be so lazy I don't want to move an inch away from the book I'm reading or from my laptop. Other days I want to take over the world (not in a dictatorship way!) or some days I get this intense feeling that I should clean my entire bedroom NOW. What's even more surprising is that I actually clean my room. (Same happens with work or study, but I'm on my summer holidays so it's just cleaning my room) 

I have a HUGE sense of justice. I did consider a future in Law, but I decided against it. If I don't want to be a primary school teacher (for whatever reason) my second option will be either business or law. I have aptitude for both. So yes, I hate seeing injustice in the world and believe everything should be equal and just. It's the way I am. 

I saw this on the website, Problems that arise for Libra's. Let's see if it's true!

Problem:   Finding yourself frequently trapped in situations that have no depth and little value to you or the other person.

Yes, I was in a lot of these situations in the last year or so. This seems to happen me at every single turn! 

Problem:  You find that you do not really like yourself and/or beating yourself up over not being able to please another.

This is too true again. I don't like myself to be honest (no hate please, I give myself enough of it as it is!) I always hate not being able to make others happy. If I can't make others happy, I won't be happy. Simple as with me. 

Problem:  Feeling like you are nothing: your actions being frustrating to others.

The story of my life! This is basically my second nature reaction/thought. I always feel as though I'm annoying someone and that I'm inferior to some people. It's annoying but I'm trying to be more positive in my daily life. This again, is scarily accurate!

So yes, according to that website, my zodiac sign, Libra, is quite fitting for me! I guess I'm a true Libra! I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not! :) 

What are your zodiac signs and do they suit you? 

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless,
Aveen xx

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Elbow ~ Grounds For Divorce
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Friday, 28 June 2013

A Random Week, Indeed.

Hey Everyone,

Another week has come and gone. On Monday it's the 1 st of July?! I couldn't believe it when I saw, time flies when you're having fun I guess.. ! I didn't get up to as much this week sadly, but I'll tell you about it! (As compensation I'll be writing a review on a book I read recently!)

So I was working most of the week, which I don't mind really. It's better than staying at home sitting on Tumblr all day long. I was leaving work on Tuesday and got a text from my friend. Earlier this week my friends and I had been organising to hang out during the week, but I was working and couldn't make it.

So I got a text from my friend saying they were all walking up to where I work to meet me and say hi! I was so excited! So myself and Shannon  met (a friend of mine who works in the same place as I do) with Maeve, Caitlin and Maeve (Yes, I have two friends called Maeve!) and socialised for nearly an hour. As I was leaving, Caitlin asked was I was going to the cinema with them to see World War Z.

We went to see World War Z with a few other people in our year in school, the film was actually brilliant. Brad Pitt was really good and we were kind of swooning over him. Maeve made a joke about how the zombie's sounded like the bird from the movie ''Up!'' which of course, left us in hysterics at the back of the cinema. I really enjoyed seeing everyone again, seeing as I've been so tired after work I mainly just go on Tumblr & Twitter and go asleep!

I also bought myself new earphones as my old ones were broken and both the buds were missing so it was sore to place them in my ears. I bought pink Sony ones as I was feeling girly today. I'm listening to music with them now and it's amazing! I love them. I only hope I don't step on them in the future..

Now, you know Coca-Cola (Coke) have a campaign with ''Share a Coke with'' and a name on each individual bottle/can? Seeing as my name is Aveen, a rare name in Ireland, my name isn't on them. (If you could pass the tissue's it would be great) I was in my local shop up the road today. (I live in Ireland okay, there is a small shop up the road!) and saw a Coke can with ''Share a Coke with ME'' I don't generally drink Coca-Cola, I usually drink either Diet Coke or even Coke-Zero. So I bought the can and took a photo. It makes me wonder what am I doing with my life this summer. :)

So that's mostly it with The Life Of Me this week. Please try vote for Irish bloggers in The Blog Award Ireland. We'd really appreciate it, the closing date is July 1st! Get your skates on! On another note, I just looked at my all time views, which is now past 3,000! Thank you so much everyone, I really appreciate it. I love you all :)

My Cringing Face (Idk why I posted it, it looked funny!)
My new earphones which sound amazing. 

My new phone background, it says ''Follow Your Dreams'' I love quotes too much..

I was babysitting my two little cousins last weekend, this was the result..
The Infamous Coke Can!

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless, 
Aveen xx

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Fall Out Boy ~ Sugar We're Going Down
Ed Sheeran ~ Wayfaring Stranger
Muse ~ Newborn

Friday, 21 June 2013

Something I haven't quite told you all about..

Hey Everyone,

I have literally just read my friend Grace's latest blog post about DCD, and I became inspired to tell you all about me and issue's I have, (obviously not as serious as DCD, but they're issue's to me)

I like being honest with people, I can be a little too blunt with how I speak to others and particularly in what I write. (That's why some of my posts are edited after I post them!) So before I change my mind, I'd like to tell you some things about me you might not know. It's kind of like ''Write My Life'' instead of the ''Draw My Life'' on YouTube!

So I'm sixteen and live in Ireland. I like where I live, I'm a local and most of the older population recognise me instantly just by looking at my face (I look like my mother's side of the family, and they're well known among the locals) so I've no problem with people like that. It's the younger people, my generation, so to speak. I had a happy childhood, my family life was (and still is) good, I encountered problems when I went into the education system (like everyone says)

In Third Class, when I was eight/nine, (I went to an all-girls school, that's an important part of what I'm going to say/type) I can recall a sudden shift/change in how everyone perceived me. I don't know what caused it, it has plagued me for half my life as to why everyone suddenly changed their views and opinions about me almost simultaneously and practically at the same time. My peers became, in ways, quite cruel towards me and, in short, began bullying me. I won't go into details of the actions (mainly mental and psychological things, like most girls do, so I always felt that it was all in my head, it made me also believe I had the problems, that I was one who was wrong) but this lasted until I was nearly thirteen. Let that sink in. Yes, 5-6 years of practically constant  hurtful comments, screaming at me, drama, backstabbing and so much more. It's something that doesn't exactly help a person with a developing mind and being the typical insecure person.

Secondary school (High school for anyone in the US or wherever) was a little easier for me. My older brother was there with all his friends, they felt like a safety net for me. An ally. Someone older to help. The girls who bullied me in primary school mostly were in completely different classes to me. Which I was extremely grateful for. I've had several drama's during my years in secondary school, (and  I've two more years to go!) losing some friends (literally) and growing apart from some, which is to be expected in secondary school, I referred to it as ''Growing Pains'' as we all changed and matured (some quicker than others, some not at all)

In TY, last year, I had a lot of spare time in comparison to previous years. So I spent a large chunk of my time, reflecting on memories, previous experiences and just on my life in general. Then the flashbacks started happening. I'd put memories of primary school and some secondary school experiences at the back of brain during the previous years, hidden by world's of music, books, my slightly insane imagination and of course the internet. To hide the pain, to try forget. However as I had more spare time, they slowly crept back into the front of my brain, and, I couldn't handle it.

I was so upset over the memories of what had happened to me for so many years, I fell into a depressive state of mind. I knew there was something wrong, it wasn't right to think the way I was thinking (negatively) and presuming the worst was going to happen, always.

So, I went to see a Guidance Counsellor in my school, I visited her several times and spoke about my primary school experiences. It felt so much better to have the experiences out in the open. it was like a weight was lifted off me, the burden of so many years gone. It felt as though the scars inside me were finally healing.

In January, I cracked again. One morning, I just couldn't get up. I felt like the world was against me. (I still do sometimes, but then I try remember to think positively) I wrote a lot of poetry during this time, I went back to the Guidance Counsellor and it really helped in the long run. In the short term I thought it was the most stupid thing I could ever had done. But when I look at the difference in my diary entries from now, and from then. It's astounding how negative and depressed I was.

I'm flicking through my diary and see a poem called 'The Cracks' I wrote in January. In February I wrote that ''I know I'm broken into pieces. However that doesn't mean I can't be fixed'' In April I said '' I have my spark back. I know my cause/meaning of my existence and I crave to fulfil it. I do read over my diary entries and laugh. I presume many would expect me to be the average teen. However, I do not WANT to be like the others. I want to be Aveen. She's not perfect, but she's real. She makes mistakes, she's not pretty but she can be smart and kind-hearted, even to people who don't exactly deserve it.''

So how am I now? I'm actually okay. Everything is good at the moment, which I'm so grateful for. Writing this blog every single week helped me in ways you might not even imagine. It gave me a purpose during some tough months, knowing I wanted to do something interesting and tell you all about it. Doing things during TY that I might never be able to achieve again. So thank you dear readers. You really helped me through a tough time.

I know that these battle's are not over. But I'm so much stronger now than I was, and that has to count for something. The next couple of years are going to be difficult and I will get stressed, however I'm better now. I can cope with more now, and I know my warning signs.

Also, tell someone if you're feeling how I did. Let someone, anyone, know. A problem shared is a problem halved. I confided in my friends and family who helped me in ways I can barely fathom at times. Even just the little things can help.

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless,
Aveen xx

If you ever need a chat, please talk to me. I'm not a professional but I'll always try help in any way I can. I'll leave a link to my Twitter and you can DM me for my email address or whatever suits. But if you need a professional, GO to one. It seems like the worst idea when you go at first, but when you look back, it'a good decision. 

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Yes, I listened to their EP. Check it out, it's amazing!

My Twitter
Grace's post about DCD:

If you ever feel alone, there's always someone around (incl me)

Some quotes I would look at to remind of how I wanted my life to be. x

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Majestical summer adventures.....!!!

Hey Everyone! 

Long time no update! (6 days, the HORROR!) I definitely think ''The Quickening'' is upon us. Seems like only yesterday I was typing about sitting in the garden getting a tan and sobbing over Allegiant! So, now it's time to tell all you lovely people about the past week! 

So I was up to my usual activities this week, being the typical procrastinating perfectionist I am. On Monday I went to my friends house to sing songs and rehearse for a competition we had coming up. We were meant to be singing ''Some Nights'' by Fun, which i really enjoyed. To rehearse I had to leave work on time at 5 instead of doing overtime as usual. On Thursday I received a text saying ''Practice cancelled, call me when you can'' I discovered that the competition we were entering was CANCELLED. All our hard work was for nothing. Being honest, i was actually kind of relieved. I was terrified about singing on stage, I even had some solo lines, which I was terrified about. The girls found it strange that I could speak aloud with confidence but would only sing loudly if coaxed to. To be honest, I use my voice to speak, to make a point, debate and for knowledge. Never for singing! So it was something different and slightly terrifying for me.

 I was working for the majority of the week which was fine. On Wednesday, I had the day off so I went to get my hair cut, seeing as I haven't had it cut since I went to London in March! The hairdresser was great, as always and cut nearly 2 inches off my hair! The most I've ever had cut off, like ever! (Before and after photos posted below!) but I was happy she cut off so much, the ends were becoming a little raggy. I actually have quite thick hair so she had to thin my hair out a little too. I was happy with the result, she even french plaited the fringe section for me. 

I had Saturday off from work so I went shopping in a shopping centre in Dublin with my parents, it was really good, especially because I was using my own money which I felt extremely proud of! (Sorry bank account) I'll be posting another update about what I bought and did that day for all you fashionista's! 

So today is Sunday, I got up late and went down the town with my Mam. I bought myself a new book too, it's written by an author I quite like, Sophie Kinsella. The book is called ''I've got your number'' I've read her Shopaholic series which I simply devoured! So I'm excited to be reading her latest book, she always make me laugh! I visited my Nana today too, she's 91 and absolutely adorable. To be honest, she was asleep the majority of the time I was there so I went on Facebook and chatted to my aunt too. (Grace and I had a very interesting conversation on FB while I was there!) I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 92! ;) 

As I'm constantly on the internet, I was on YouTube and saw a youtuber I like called Alex Day had uploaded a video called ''Big girls in costumes'' I watched the entire video and to be honest, I know he was using satire, I was kind of offended. I'm not the skinniest girl or the fattest girl ever but I felt a little upset that in this day and age people still say comments and judge people based on their weight. This video has caused such outrage on YouTube, Alex had to make it unlisted and wrote a full explanation on Tumblr about it. Still, I'm offended from it. I take jokes quite easily and love a laugh (in work I'm called the posh kid and I find it hilarious and speak in a posh accent for the craic too) but weight is a sensitive topic in this day and age, with rising numbers of teenage girls (and boys) being diagnosed with anorexia and other illnesses along with all the body bashing our generation does to each other, it was a bad topic to be satirical about. I was a little disappointed and I thought of the video constantly on Saturday when I was buying a dress to wear to my cousins wedding, seeing as I might be ''too big'' for certain styles according to others. 
 * I felt that that kind of needed to be addressed as it's something I've been thinking of constantly since I first watched it.

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Some photos from my week!

An awkward selfie I posted on Instagram and got 32 likes? 

New haircut! (After)

The new book I bought, review soon!

My new lock screen. I chose it because I always laugh when I see it

A quote I saw during the week and thought it was beautful

I was in Starbucks and thought this was hilarious. Oh Beliebers..

Another book I was reading earlier in the week. I've read it so many times, it's become practically torn.. :(

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless,
Aveen xx

Don't let anyone get you down about yourself, it's not worth it. If someone judges you, it doesn't define you, it defines who they are. 

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Here Comes The Sun ! (Doo doo doo doo!)

Hey Everyone! Another week has come and gone! Time is flying by so far this Summer. The weather (speaking about the weather like a true Irish person) was exceptional this week, I was working for a few days but the days I wasn't, I was out basking in the sunshine. 

I'm sitting inside my room with all the windows open and as I type, I keep staring at my arms, I was outside on a sun lounger for a couple of hours and, being me, forgot to apply sun block. Good going Aveen. However, I'm not like the stereotypical Irish person, I actually tan, I rarely burn! I still felt very stupid wearing no sun block though, especially as I had a melanoma scare a couple of months ago, (it was only an infected scar but still, it caused great concern) So my arms are actually brown at the moment, and look quite dark in contrast to my turquoise duvet cover. 

I was mainly outside re-reading Insurgent by Veronica Roth and listening to the album 'Red' by Taylor Swift. Once I finished re-reading Insurgent and cried because Allegiant isn't being released until October, I came back inside to re-hydrate myself and begin this blog post, woohoo. 

Being honest, I didn't do very many interesting things at all this week. I was in work most days, I was off Wednesday so I went to a friends house and we all sang songs on the patio in the warm sunshine. I had a little bet with them too, three of them put on sun block, but I didn't, we all wanted to see if I would tan or burn sitting outside in sunlight for a couple of hours (my poor skin, I am so sorry) and I DIDN'T BURN. Such an amazing achievement (not) 

On Saturday & today I spent a lot of time outside. I've developed a love for Fall Out Boy too, their songs are amazing, Patrick Stump's vocal range is so wide, I'm so envious (says the one who can barely sing) I've also been on Tumblr a lot this week, I even changed my URL to awkward-aveen, because, well, I'm awkward. (I updated the link on the right hand side too, don't worry) (Aveen, who would worry over something like that?) No one. :)

This week will hopefully be a little more interesting, I'm getting my hair cut on Wednesday so I'll post a before and after photo for you all, along with my other adventures (should I actually have any!) 

Fall Out Boy ~ Young Volcanoes 
Bruno Mars ~ When I was Your Man
Fall Out Boy ~ My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark
Paramore ~ Now
Daft Punk ~ Get Lucky (Ugh, it's stuck in my head, I heard it 5 times in the one day this week when I was in work, I started singing along which was embarrassing) 

Ways to procrastinate writing an update.. (This was yesterday btw)

My afternoon, sunglasses, Insurgent and my watch (didn't want to get white lines you know!)

Gazebo :)

My random view of the sky 
My tan? I've no life sorry guys. x x

Reading Insurgent ..

I kept taking photos to see if my skin was burning, something I'm intensely fearful of..

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!
Aveen xx

Ps. I hope the weather is wonderful wherever you are! x

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Writing Stories and Inspirations

So, I have a little bit of a confession to make.  *Deep breath* As you might know, I love reading and writing. It's one of my ultimate passions. There's just something magical about getting a piece of paper and a pen to create an entirely new universe that's completely your own. It's something that enthrals and excites me so much.

 I'm usually thinking of random and exciting new idea's for books or short stories all the time. If anyone ever see's me just sitting idly and silent, it doesn't mean I've nothing to say or I'm a loner. It simply means I'm deep in my own thoughts, thoughts about this blog (which I take seriously in case you didn't notice) or simply story ideas. My mind is constant in thoughts of writing and creating new worlds. 

As I have a summer job, I really haven't had a lot of time recently to think about idea's or write them down. It's just the way it is right now and sadly, there's nothing I can do about that. To be honest, if I had the free time to write stories down, I'd probably be on Tumblr or watching Sherlock (one of my new loves) so I can't blame it on that. However, that said, one of my latest blog posts, the dreams and goals asdfghjkl post, originated from a trail of thought I had during my break one day last week. I'm considering bringing a notebook to use in my breaks, to use for blog posts and also my own personal writing. 

I'm ashamed to say, around this time last year, I had an amazing idea in my head to write a story throughout the entire of Transition Year, seeing as ''I would have the time to do things like that'' alas, it was never meant to be, seeing as I left Transition Year with little or no writing complete. Sorry, no writing whatsoever even started. It's something I have reflected upon lately and fills me with a certain remorse, that I had such a brilliant opportunity for possibly a novel, the possibilities are endless, and I never took up that opportunity. It's funny because I entered so many writing competitions during Transition Year and even received certificates and attended awards ceremonies (last night I was watching Prime Time briefly and the Legal Editor of a well known Irish newspaper was speaking and I started giggling, I met her at an awards ceremony in a university for an essay I wrote!) 

I really can't see why I never took up the opportunity to write a story or even an entire book. I really feel as though I have lost out as now I'm going into 5 th Year and I fear I won't have enough time to do anything like that any more. I'm afraid that I'll just be doing homework and working hard. It's what I have to do, but I feel guilty nonetheless that I never wrote anything. 

I'm going to be optimistic and say I'm going to try write something (anything!) during the summer. Even if it's some gibberish in my diary. I was going through images on Google and discovered these (hence the inspiration behind this post, aren't you all so lucky?)

These quotes are all too true and I relate to them too much..Excuse me while I drown my feelings of guilt guys! Woooo

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless
Aveen xx

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Goals & Dreams! ASDFGHJKL

So come with me, 
where Dreams are born
and Time is never planned
Just think of Happy things,
And your heart will fly on Wings
In Never Never Land 
~ Peter Pan

Hello Everyone! I can't blog about my first week in my summer job (I did sign a contract after all, saying specifically NOT to write about the company, but the week went well!) so I'm going to write about goals, ambitions and dreams. 

Firstly, everyone has goals, ambitions & dreams. Big or small, important or just daily ones, like getting up on time and not falling out of the bed with exhaustion or clumsiness. (A deeply personal one for me being honest) I was thinking back to my childhood and I realised, I've had some pretty serious ambitions and goals throughout my short sixteen years, for nearly every year since around the age of eight, I have had an ambition or goal in my head constantly, whether it was to get good grades or to be in a specific place by a certain age (To visit London before I turned 25, I was 16 when I went for the first time, I hope it won't be the last)

There's one dream in particular I have been working towards since a very young age. You might laugh when you read what I'm about to type. (please don't, joking you can) The dream/goal is to be a primary school teacher. Since I was a child I've always wanted to be a teacher. Always. I've never seen anything else for me to do with my life, except perhaps Law, which I'm not so keen on. Teaching has just always been the answer, I did work experience when I was 14 and again when I was 16 in two different schools and I loved every minute of both, it made me realise that teaching is the one profession I am genuinely interested in and want to do. 

 I really noticed about my dreams and ambitions this year in particular. I was in Croke Park for a 'Leaders on our Level' conference this year and one of the speakers was Enda McNulty. He was truly inspirational and I really listened intently to what he was saying. After that day, he followed me on Twitter (I was so happy, it was because I had tweeted about him to one of my friends) So when I got home, I wrote down all my dreams, plans and ambitions for the next 5 or so years. It took several pages out of my diary, writing down meticulous details and then The Grand Plan. 

The Grand Plan is basically how I'm going to try my best in everything I do, what I want with my future and myself and how I will try achieve it to the best of my abilities. Obviously I'm going to keep updating it (like today, I put three more entries in and crossed some off, proud moment) 

I didn't really plan this post, it kind of just tumbled out. Unconscious thinking as my Creative Writing teacher would have said. The pen was connected to the page and your mind, I just wrote down what I thought. (Knowing I was right, obviously) Sarcasm sorry. I am such an INFJ... 

On another note,I was watching some video's on YouTube, (Catrific, she's awesome) one of her video's in particular about the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.I did several online tests and delved into myself and my feelings, something I do a lot being honest. I discovered I am an INFJ.  (Cue party poppers)

What is an INFJ? Have you gone insane Aveen?

I thought I had gone slightly insane labelling myself as a random bunch of letters. They mean Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, Judging. 

Maybe this explains why I'm so goal driven. I'm exhausted so I won't bore you with details about being an INFJ. From what I've read, being an INFJ is quite rare and INFJ's find life to be difficult but achieve great things and have a great depth of thinking and feeling, something I really relate to. 

I found all my info out on this page if you're wondering. It's a really informative website and I quite enjoyed reading about being an INFJ. I truly believe I am an INFJ. Why don't you find out your type and tell me about it? I'm on Tumblr, Blogger and Twitter pretty much all the time so I'll always have time to chat. 

Ps. If you're wondering, INFJ's are really rare, less than 2% of the world population is an INFJ. I think that's kind of cool to be honest. However a lot of people try mould their personality to become one, for the ''rarity'' I just read through the article and felt I related to every single word!

Description of my entire life.. No, really. 

My Desktop Background at the moment, to say I adore it is an understatement..

My reaction last night when news broke of Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who. I honestly thought I was going to drown in feels..

What I shall use to describe my blog and discussing my summer job. 

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless,
Aveen xx

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