Saturday, 31 August 2013

J.O.A.L.L.A.P Day Six! With Leah!

Hey Everyone!

Today is our sixth day of the blog collaboration, today I'll be re-posting Leah's post!

So today is my day to introduce myself for the J.O.A.L.L.A.P collaboration blog. You really want to know who I am?* Comes closer and whispers* "I'm Colonel mustard in the study, with a revolver." Don't believe me? Go check your study, and if you don't have a study...well this is just your lucky day because you live to learn a little more about me!

See that up there^^^first thing you should know about me, I have a very odd sense of humor. Not many people think I'm funny, but my six year old brother likes my jokes so hey, 

(I've actually seen that episode of yogabbagabba. It was kinda life changing;)

Anyways, my blogging alias is Leah Lotus. Only my blogger J.o.a.l.l.a.p buddies know my real name and I plan on keeping it that way. Also, I just realized every reference I've made so far has made it look like I'm a guy who just so happens to have a female alias. Sorry about that, I am a female. Now, I'd like to sit here and talk about myself but if I did that, I'd end up giving you an entire essay, I decided I'd spare you today so I'll list some thangs off.

The basics:
~5'9-5'10-I'm a tall girl who's employed in the art of turning off ceiling lights for people and squashing children beneath my Sasquatch feet.
~born dec 14 
~i like presents on special days *wink
~birthdays *cough wink*
~I've always dreamed that someday some random blog reader would buy me a giraffe *cough wink wink wink*

2. I'm a  writer!
~Writing makes up majority of my life. Seriously.

3. I'm a singer!
~ Not to toot my own horn but my neighbors once compared my voice to the sound his wife made while giving birth to triplets. Childbirth, such a beautiful thing, kinda like my voice  ;)
4. I'm a grammar natzi's worse nightmare.
~Which is ironic because I'm a writer.
Wat U GAt A pr0bl3m wit meh writN lik3 dizz?!

5.I love fashion and clothes and all that tasty stuff. 
~Shopping makes me happy. Really happy.

6. I love all music but my top is definitely different genres of rock. Papa Roach is my all time favorite band :)

7. I probbaly should have done this one first but anyways. I LOOOOOVVVVEE JESUS! Woot woot! 

Well that's it folks! I hope to see you all check out the new blog with these lovely girls and myself! :):)

Here's the order of who'll be posting (and links to their blogs!)

Monday ~ Lemmie
Tuesday ~  Jamie
Wednesday ~ Ony
Thursday ~ Me!
Friday ~ Phoebs            
Saturday ~  Leah            
Sunday ~  Alex

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!
Aveen xx

My Turbulent Back To School Week!

Hey Everyone!

It's been a CRAZY week in the Life of Me, I started back to school this week and I've been part of the J.O.A.L.L.A.P blog collaboration! Despite all the work I've been doing, I'm quite alert, hyper and giddy. Perhaps it's over-tiredness, I'm not quite sure!

I went back to school on Wednesday which, was eventful. I started in Fifth Year, last year I was in Transition Year so it was a huge wake up call on Wednesday. The teachers/principal began Assembly speaking about the Leaving Certificate, CAO applications and of course, university and college. What a lovely way to calm me, not. I literally left the Assembly panicking and hyper-ventilating. No, I promise I wasn't that bad however it felt like it.

So far I really like all my teachers, I'm doing all Honours/Higher Level subjects, yes even maths! I was delighted to have been put into all Honours classes. Based on experience from when my brother was in Leaving Cert years, it's a lot of hard work. Most of your time is spent working on projects, studying and revising. Which means less blogging time! I'm still committed to posting here at least once a week don't worry, I just won't be posting YouTube video's for the foreseeable future sadly.

It's the only logical decision as I don't want to stop blogging, YouTube takes up a lot of time. Between filming, editing and uploading it can take several hours. Blogging on the other hand, well I just type whatever what pops into my head. I do some brainstorming and write down what I have to include in that post. Perhaps over mid-term and other holidays I'll post videos. At the moment I have TWO recorded videos, unedited, but they exist!

I was studying for a few hours today (I did my homework and note writing last night) and I was revising my Irish vocab when my neighbours started shouting loudly at each other in the garden (something about a clothes line I have no idea) and I shouted in Irish back at them (from my bedroom) oops. In English, I said ''I'm not able to learn my Irish vocab because you're both shouting at the top of your voices in the garden, thank you!''  (I am a sarcastic person)

I've been in 5th Year TWO days and I'm already shouting at people in Irish. I worry for myself. I didn't even go on the internet for two days, which is a world record for me. I didn't even go on Twitter to see what Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil were up to! (Not even Tumblr!)

Also, it has come to my attention that several people from my school have been reading my blog! I don't post links to my blog on Facebook, only on Twitter & Tumblr, so HEY! So far I've had a fairly positive response from my peers. A cousin of mine also found my blog last week, I guess the secret's out! ;)

Also, in other very important news, an Irish poet (and an absolute favourite of mine) Seamus Heaney passed away yesterday at the age of 74. I know I'm not a literary genius or particularly eloquent, however I feel the need to express how literature has lost such an amazing person. For my Junior Cert, my main poet was Seamus Heaney, from what I can recall, I wrote about either ''Mid Term Break'' or ''Digging'' If you haven't read ''Mid Term Break'' I would highly recommend it, however I still cry after reading the poem. The last line particularly affects me, ''A four foot box, a foot for every year'' It sends chills up my spine, it's so beautiful and poetic, yet so deeply saddening.

R.I.P. Seamus Heaney, you will be sorely missed in the world of literature.

Playlist for this blog post:
Fall Out Boy ~ Just One Yesterday
The Band Perry ~ If I Die Young
The Killers ~ The Way It Was
The Coronas ~ Heroes or Ghosts
The Script ~ If You Ever Come Back
The Killers ~ Somebody Told Me
The Coronas ~ Won't Leave You Alone
Fall Out Boy ~ Young Volcanoes
Paramore ~ Anklebiters

Back to school *gasps with horror*

A way to describe back to school. (Except with more sorrow and horror)

So that's about everything for this week!
Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!
Aveen xx

J.O.A.L.L.A.P Day 5 with Phoebs!

Hey Everyone!

We're now onto Day FIVE of our blog collab J.O.A.L.L.A.P (Our initials, get it?!) and today it's Phoebs!

Hello Beauties!
So as part of the Joallap Collab week, I am posting today! Whoop! If you do not know about the Joallap Collab, I will link the 1st post where I explained it at the bottom. 

A big part of who I am is music. To my friends, I have a very weird music taste. They all just like music off the charts, and anything else was deemed uncool. I used to just like chart music, and some of it I do like, but I developed my own 'unique' taste when I was about 9 and my dad bought me the ellie goulding bright lights album for my ipod . I used to just listen to Starry Eyed but then I started to prefer her other songs on the album. Right now I am listening to Guns And Horses from that album haha.

So whatever my dad downloaded, I would find a song I liked and listen to it all day. For example my dad got the take that album and I listened to SOS for EVER. Then he liked florence and the machine, so did I. I carried on until I got my own itunes account.

So heard Skater Boi on the radio and I searched it on youtube to listen to then after I heard the song I clicked on all the other songs by Avril Lavigne and downloaded the ones I liked best. Same with Lily Allen . I do like some current songs, and I am into rap, but I had heard Drinking From The Bottle before it was on the charts. So I was quite proud when I was with my friends in the car and it came on after it was just released and I knew all the words. :) 

 My music taste definitely shows my personality. It shows I am not afraid to be different ( listening to songs not on the charts, I can be really upbeat ( rap) I can show my true feelings easily (Lily Allen) and I have a deeper side ( Avril Lavigne. Listen to My Happy Ending, its deep k .) Obviously it some ways it doesnt. And I do listen to other artists. 

So please, do not do something to fit in. Be yourself, and do your thing. Who cares if you listen to rock music, have a whacky fashion sense or only read classical books. IT. DOESNT. MATTER. People should like you for you on the inside, your personality, rather than what you do/dont do. If they do judge you like this, they are not worth knowing. 

Friday Night - Lily Allen
Guns and Horses - Ellie Goulding
My Happy Ending - Avril Lavigne 
Fifteen - Taylor Swift 
Who Am I living For - Katy Perry

Hope you enjoyed my take on the theme 'You ' for Joallap Bloggers week. 
LINK to explain J.O.A.L.L.A.P

Ta ta!xxxxxxx

Here's the order of who'll be posting (and links to their blogs!)

Monday ~ Lemmie
Tuesday ~  Jamie 
Wednesday ~ Ony
Thursday ~ Me!
Friday ~ Phoebs               
Saturday ~  Leah              
Sunday ~  Alex 

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!
Aveen xx

Thursday, 29 August 2013

J.O.A.L.L.A.P Collab Day 4! My Tumblr, Shipping & Fandoms Obsession!

Hey Everyone!

So I'm part of the J.O.A.L.L.A.P blog collab (link below) and the theme is to write about ourselves. Everyone's posts have been absolutely fantastic (and reposted on my blog along with everyone elses) so today I'm going to be writing about my Tumblr obsession! (Along with other obsessions)

So my Tumblr journey to insanity began in January 2012, when the nostalgia of Christmas had begun to fade. I didn't really reblog many things, just comedy posts. It's quite embarrassing when I think of it, I chose to reblog the most bland, boring posts on the internet. Even worse, I thought I was COOL for it. *cringes at self*

 I began reblogging posts from my fandoms in around March 2013 ( a fandom is like a book or tv series, or like YouTubers, more on them!) along with quotes, cute images and everything else in between. Then I lost my dignity (so my family says) because I turned into a full on ''fangirl''. I was heavily influenced by a former friend and I was in a laid back school year, Transition Year. Due to having more time on my hands, I began to spend all that time on Tumblr and my blog! I have no regrets, I've made so many friends through both these sites! (But back onto fandoms and shipping, I'm sorry this is random at times!)

My main fandoms at the moment are the Phandom which is Dan Howell and Phil Lester, two of my favourite YouTubers in existence. Many people ship them together, but I ship them as like a bromance or long lasting friendship. I adore their videos and check their Twitters practically daily to see if there's a new video or anything interesting happening (I'm made myself sound so bad there, oh my gosh)

I'm also in the Divergent fandom, The Hunger Games fandom, Sherlock, Doctor Who, TFIOS, basically any thing Vlogbrothers related and if you count singers, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Paramore, One Direction (one and off) and many more.

I basically ship everything and anything! Shipping is putting two people together in a relationSHIP or a friendSHIP. Who am I kidding, it's nearly always a relationship. In Harry Potter for example I ship Hinny, Romione, Drapple, Jily and RemusTonks! My OTP (One True Pairing) at the moment is Dantesers, Danisnotonfire (Dan Howell) and maltesers!

Did I also tell you I have a John Green book shrine? Yeah.

So that was a major part of my life, I'm planning on making a YouTube video in the coming weeks about the same issue. 

                                                                             My OTP, Dantesers!

Here's some of the miscellaneous things I reblog on a daily basis, except I won't be because of school again. *cries* So here is probably my last blog post of unplanned insanity! 





How to describe insulting someone's ship.. 

One of my favourite Divergent stills! 

I also reblog some cute photos and quotes 

So that's about it from me about my various fandoms, ships and incurable Tumblr obsession! 
Leave a comment if you agree that Tumblr is addictive or whatever you think, I LOVE hearing from you all!
Also, to anyone who didn't know about Tumblr, I am sorry, please don't blame me for ruining your life! :) 

Here's the order of who'll be posting! 

Monday ~ Lemmie
Tuesday ~  Jamie
Wednesday ~ Ony
Thursday ~ Me!
Friday ~ Phoebs              
Saturday ~  Leah            
Sunday ~  Alex

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!
Aveen xx

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

J.O.A.L.L.A.P Day 3! With Ony! :)

Hello Everyone!

It's Day 3 of our amazing J.O.A.L.L.A.P collaboration and today I'll be re-posting Ony's post! The theme is YOU for all of us this week.

So today, I'm killing two birds with one stone, by painting my nails (something i need to do) and doing a post for J.o.l.l.a.p! Since this week's theme is 'You' where as you seen from  Jamie and Lemmie where we blog about ourselves! I'm going to do a simple nail polish tutorial where i choose colors and designs accordingly to my personality. *Le Begin*

I'm starting off my design by painting my nails a soft 'Tickle Pink' (Great name, AVON)
 This color represents the girly side of me that i let out this year, as you can see from my     blog -which i find pretty girly- I also choose this color because, this year I've been enjoying the color pink, 

I let that dry :)


I am now using the color black :) It's not a normal black, but one of my favorite polishes a metallic grey! I use this color by painting a thick strip covering the top of each nail. 
 This color represents a dark part of my life, and that I'm not such a girl, getting dirty is not such a big deal! As i said it also represents a dark part of my life when i went through depression, and started cutting. This was from May 2012 to June 2013, this was a sad part of my life, but i survived :) 
#Cutcakenotwrist :)


I was pretty hesitant to add the color orange into my design, because i didnt really want it to 
look haloweenish, but i just had to. Orange is my favorite color and it has been since..fifth grade i think? This has been my favorite color,
because it stands out, and it represents my quirky unique personality :)
I paint this on by doing a slanted triangle from the bottom corner to the top of my nail :)


 I was looking over my nails, and thought the design looked too bland, and not like the pretty wikihow picture i based this design off of. So I decided to (attempt to) paint a small blue 
The finishing look doesn't look too shabby, right? :)
cross on my left ring finger. This represents my Christianity if you didnt know :)


So, thats a basic outline of who I am :)
Hope You enjoyed the post :) Stop by my blog, for more :)

Here's the order of who'll be posting (and links to their blogs!)

Monday ~ Lemmie
Tuesday ~  Jamie 
Wednesday ~ Ony
Thursday ~ Me!
Friday ~ Phoebs               
Saturday ~  Leah              
Sunday ~  Alex 

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!
Aveen xx

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

J.O.A.L.L.A.P Day 2 ! With Jamie!!

It's Day 2 of our J.O.A.L.L.A.P blog collaboration! Today Jamie is posting (which I've reposted below)

Hey guys!
As you might already know, I'm participating in a collaboration with 6 other bloggers.
You might have seen me post their posts on my blog, but it's just for this week so
don't fret! This weeks theme is YOU. Well, It's actually about me, but whatever semantics. 

So I've been thinking. What defines us as people? As individuals? Is it my beliefs? My interests?
 Or maybe even what others perceive me as. And I've come to realise, it's d) all of the above.
I'm me because I'm everything
It's impossible to put someone is a box and say "This. This is who you are" based on one thing because then everyone with that one thing would be the same. And thus, I have decided to illustrate myself through a series of pictures, cause everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousand words. 

163 cm :(

Sweet baby jesus Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans

I am hilarious. Don't doubt me.

I do. Not even lying.

aaaaand everything Studio Ghibli

Dan and Phil? I think yes.

All day. Erryday.

 And last but not least,

Here's the order of who'll be posting (and links to their blogs!)

Monday ~ Lemmie
Tuesday ~  Jamie 
Wednesday ~ Ony
Thursday ~ Me!
Friday ~ Phoebs               
Saturday ~  Leah              
Sunday ~  Alex 

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!
Aveen xx

Monday, 26 August 2013

J.O.A.L.L.A.P! Blogger Collab! ~ Lemmie

Hey Everyone!

I've got some exciting news! I'm taking part in a blog collaboration with six other bloggers! One of us will be posting each day (I'm Thursday!) and for this week we'll be posting each others posts on our own blogs each day, so everyone's posts will be on all the pages! A new blog will be created with all seven of us as authors (more details to follow)

Here is Lemmie's post, it's a YOU theme this week :)

''I was asked to do a collab with six other amazing bloggers and for our first week we are doing a YOU theme, so its all about getting to know us. I decide to do a sort of pros and cons of being me. So here goes.....

Okay, here are the cons: 

1) I'm pretty tall (5ft 9). This comes with a few cons: When I fall it is further to fall, it sucks flying on planes and I can't wear heels without towering over my friends. I can also never be inconspicuous and hide in crowds.

2) Where I live. I live in a village which has about ten shops in it ( three of which are charity shops), I have to take the train if I want to go anywhere and I have to cycle a fair way to my friends' houses. I live in the UK, so it rains nine months of the year and is cold the other three (except for two weeks in July where everyone rushes outside wielding barbecues and sun cream).

3) I spend too much time on the internet, which means that I waste a lot of time laughing hysterically on my own.

4) I am in secondary (high) school, I'm just about to start year/ grade eleven, which means that I have a lot of school work and revision to do. It can also be very bitchy, with a lot of cat fights and gossiping.

And here are the pros:

1) I'm pretty tall ( 5ft 9). This comes with a few pros: I can nearly always reach the top shelf and tall people are easier to spot in crowds. I never have to wear heels to be taller and basketball and netball are easier.

2) Where I live. I live in a village; this means that there is a lot of trees, fields and open spaces. I live near a train station so I can go to Bristol pretty easily if I need to go shopping etc. I live in the UK which is an island, so there are loads of beaches.

3) I spend a lot of time on the internet, I watch a lot of Youtubers and Vloggers, read blogs and go on Facebook, Twitter etc. This is great because I get a lot of quality internet time,  laughing hysterically on my own.

4) I'm in secondary (high) school, I'm just about to start year/ grade eleven, which means that I get to meet loads of new people and see my friends every day. I also don't have to pay any bills, cook for myself or do my own washing!

Here's the order of who'll be posting (and links to their blogs!)

Monday ~ Lemmie
Tuesday ~  Jamie 
Wednesday ~ Ony
Thursday ~ Me!
Friday ~ Phoebs               
Saturday ~  Leah              
Sunday ~  Alex 

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!
Aveen xx

Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Week Before Summer Ends!

Hey Everyone!

It's hard to believe the summer is practically over. I can't believe how fast the time went by! It seems like only yesterday I was absolutely terrified about starting my summer job in the middle of May, yesterday I finished up for the summer and there were several handshakes, hugs, ''good luck's'' and even a little tear! It was a truly unique experience and gave me a little insight into the working world. I'm going to miss so many people, however I'll be happy to see all my friends at the same time in school again!

So this week was a little varied, I'll explain! Last Sunday, my parents went to my cousin's wedding in another part of Ireland, so myself, my brother and my cousin (his parents were at the wedding too) were left to our own devices in my house. When you're with two lads for nearly 2 whole days, the quality of your diet falls, dramatically.

I'm not exaggerating, we ordered dinner from the same pizza place (Oh which one?!) TWICE in two days. Yes, we ate out in a few other places too (they can't cook and wouldn't let me, even though I studied home economics for four years!) So on Tuesday when Mam made one of her delicious dinners, I was delighted to eat healthy food again. Fast food is lovely to have, except not constantly for two whole days!

So, today's Saturday and I'm starting school again next Wednesday, which is slightly terrifying. I'm off Thursday and back in school Friday, so I'm only in for two days, perks of being a Fifth Year (only perk) I was in the school on Friday with my friend Tara and we dropped my books into my locker (and emptied the locker of my 3rd year books, fun times) and we walked around the school. It's strange because some parts of the school actually changed over the brief 3 months away! The place just seemed different, perhaps it was the absence of 1700 pupils, I'm not sure however it seemed eerie nearly.

Sorry my post is a little late today, I was out at my friends house at their party! They had an obstacle course bouncy castle and gladiator fights where you stand on the podium and try knock down your opponent, it was brilliant fun except for my scratched elbows (skin peeling, ew) so I can't lean my elbows anywhere without a sharp jab of pain. First World Problems I guess.

Today (Sunday) again I was being sociable, a rare occurrence for me! All my family came up to my house and we all chatted and ate cake along with other lovely sweet things. I blew up balloons and played games with my younger cousins to keep them occupied. However I got stung by a wasp! First time I've been stung for years, as a child I can recall being stung on the neck (reason why I'm TERRIFIED of wasps) so it was really good fun and great to see some of my relations. As you may know, I didn't really tell most of my family that I have a blog & YouTube, but my one of my cousins found it on my Twitter! Cheers for telling/showing everyone John! I think I'll have to post it on my personal Facebook soon *gasps*

Playlist for this blog:
I didn't listen to any music writing this post, I wrote it over several days due to time issues! Sorry! 

The only way to write blog posts!

Last week of my Summer job, next year guys?

Day 1 of The Pizza Fest...

The bouncy castle!

The bouncy castle that destroyed my elbows!

Did I ever tell you I had a bubble machine?

A horrendous photo of one of my elbows, so stingy.

Part of the Malteser cake my Mam made, Danisnotonfire eat your heart out!

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless,
Aveen xx

Ps, YouTube video will hopefully be recorded tomorrow or Tuesday, I'm going back to school so I may not be posting video's as often.. :(