Saturday, 25 January 2014

You Use Your Words As A Weapon Dear.. But Your Blades Don't Hurt When You Have No Fear..

Hey Everyone!

So it's the end of yet another week. It's absolutely shocking to realise that it's nearly the end of January. It seems like literally only yesterday that we were all ringing in the New Year and stuffing ourselves silly with chocolate and other yummy stuff.

At this moment in time, I'm firmly back to school having been back for over 3 weeks now, time flies when your mind is distracted with studies I suppose. My teachers have been absolutely delightful with overloading me with homework. Today I missed out on badminton and instead did homework. I started at 10.30 this morning and including lunch at one, was finished everything by 5 pm. The absolute joys of Fifth Year. I actually had a lot of homework, I had homework in every subject, questions in German, Irish, Maths, English, Ag Science and History really do add up drastically. Not forgetting the business notes on household and business management.

So I learnt all those so I'm free for a while. The reason I was doing my homework today is because I'm going to the other side of the country (again) to drop my brother back to University. I'm slightly delighted that he's going back. He's been home for 5 weeks (University Christmas holidays are ridiculously long) so I'll be a ''part-time only child'' as my parents call it. So I'm very much delighted that he'll be going back, I was running out of sassy comments to use..

In other news, a supermarket (ssh it's Tesco) opened a new building and closed their old premises. The new premises includes Costa coffee too. On the opening day the place was absolutely full, it felt like the entire town was in the store! Obviously, I went to Costa straight after school and got a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream which was simply amazing. I live quite near the new shop (it's one of the biggest in Ireland at the moment I believe) so I can walk down to Costa, and walk back up if I want. To me, it's a huge development for the ''small town'' I live in! (PS it's completely awkward when you bump into some of your teachers there, just letting you know *coughs awkwardly*)

So again, I'm sitting here and it's a Saturday night. Another huge development is that I have joined Snapchat! If you want to add me on Snapchat tweet me and I'll send you a DM (Direct Message)of my username. I've already sent some hilarious and terrifying Snaps to Grace but I think they're funny.

On another note, the title of this blog post comes from the song ''Words As Weapons'' by Birdy (who's my age ironically) and what I'm about to discuss has been on my mind for a while.
People I know in real life have been literally trying to use my words on this blog as a weapon against me. It shouldn't be this way, and it irritates me so much that people are spreading rumours that I'm gossiping about everyone I know in real life on my blog (Which I can guarantee is not the case). There are a few people who have taken these rumours seriously, which is somewhat childish as there's concrete evidence that I've said nothing. ''Your blades don't hurt don't hurt when you have no fear''  and another thing, ''Your arm will tire throwing stones my way''  

What's been happening has been quite mild in comparison to things I've experienced in my life, but I'm not standing for it. Nobody has the right to use what I love (blogging) as a method to try ''get back'' at me. I'm maintaining my moral high ground and leaving it at that. 

And on a more positive note, I have my Irish interview on Saturday for the Gaeltacht! Wish me luck! (I've been learning Amhrán na bhFiann and been feeling patriotic the past few days) 

Stay Strong, Happy & Fearless!
Never let anyone get in the way of doing what you love,
Aveen xx

To convince you all to add me on Snapchat, here are a sample of the Snaps I have sent.. honestly.
I'll let the captions speak for themselves! 

Saturday, 18 January 2014

What A Treacherous Thing To Believe That A Person Is More Than A Person..

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for not posting last week. In a nutshell, I had a tonne of homework/study and honestly didn't have a minute to myself to write a blog post. It really did irritate me that I couldn't post anything, but the reality is that my schoolwork has to take priority over everything for the next couple of years so I can achieve what I want with my life.

My life has been quite quiet lately which may make my blog posts seem 'dull' but everything is still going by as quickly as other weeks. It feels as though I haven't been on my blog in weeks and I'm not sure how I like that. I was considering a brief break/hiatus while I figured out what I was writing on my blog, however I don't think it's quite necessary any more.

The title of this blog post is a quote from one of my favourite authors, John Green. If you didn't know, I have a John Green book shrine and several of his quotes plastered all over my bedroom walls. I really relate to many of his quotes, and in particular this quote. It is a dangerous thing to believe that a person is more than a person. You're liable to get hurt and to excuse their actions much more than if they were simply a ''person''

But on a more positive note, I'll tell you about my week (and maybe an extract of a draft blog post I'd been planning) I'm not sure if I said it already, but I'd like to say a huge thank you for helping me reach 12,000 page views on my blog recently, every thousand is a huge milestone and I appreciate it immensely.

So my last two weeks have been filled with school work, procrastinating, studying, flinging maths books across my room (possible slight exaggeration but it's how I felt) & learning how to write an essay about the environment in Irish. I've been learning my seanfhocal (Irish sayings) so thoroughly that I've begun to start using them in actual conversation, much to the confusion of my family and friends.

I also received a letter from the Gaeltacht I'm going to in the summer (more details later) about a meeting I've to attend in early February (it's compulsory when it's your first time to the Gaeltacht) and I have to learn Amhran na bhFiann (which I know most of already from primary school wahey) so I'll be singing the national anthem for the next few weeks, which may be awkward.

So while I'm on the topic of the Gaeltacht, I suppose I should explain what it is and why I'm going there. The Gaeltacht(s) are multiple areas all over Ireland where only Irish is spoken. In the summer, you can stay on courses in Gaeltacht areas (mainly in Galway) for up to three weeks and speak the language and improve your vocabulary. I'm going in early June of this year for three weeks. So yes, there are vacancies for guest posts during that time too. (I'll be mentioning further details of this closer to the time) I'm hoping staying in the Gaeltacht will improve my Irish. I'm studying Honours Irish in my Leaving Cert and I need a good grade if I want to become a primary school teacher. So I'm determined to make the most of the three weeks I'll be over there!

This honestly terrified me, well, because I'm seventeen and planning for someday. 
Source : Google Images

Not ANOTHER page of Irish sayings to learn! (My life for the past few weeks)

Playlist for this blog post: 
One Republic ~ Counting Stars
Bastille ~ Of The Night
One Republic ~ Stop And Stare
The Script ~ Before The Worst
Maroon 5 ~ She Will Be Loved
Damien Rice~ The Blowers Daughter

That's about it from me for this week! I'm glad to be back blogging! 
Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!
Aveen xx

Sunday, 5 January 2014

“This moment will just be another story someday.”

Hey Everyone!

So it's nearly the end of the first full week of 2014! *Accidentally types 2013* I had a very relaxing week as I'm not back in school yet (that's tomorrow, sadly) The week is a bit of a blur in reality, but has been quite enjoyable. 

The title of this blog post is from the book ''The perks of being a wallflower'' by Stephen Chbosky which I got for Christmas. I read the book all this week, I'd definitely recommend it, I cried reading the end of the book. Overall it was brilliant and I'm looking forward to watching the film soon. I didn't want to be too cheesy and use the quote ''And in that moment, I swear we were infinite'' as I feel it's extremely overused sadly.

I watched Sherlock on Sunday evening and I even made a YouTube video about my reaction to Season 3 episode one (link is here, if you're brave) as I'm a huge Sherlockian! I thoroughly enjoyed the episode, it was perfection! 

On another note, I received a DM on Twitter from a lovely girl (who I won't name) who heard me speaking at the public speaking competition I was in about mental health and related to some of the things I said, as soon as I read the DM, I started crying! She also has read my blog (HELLO!) and said that my blog was inspiring. I'm not posting this to brag I promise, I was just so shocked that a person listened & related to what I said/have written on my blog, it really took me by surprise. Thank you. I always find other people inspiring and always wanted to inspire people, I never thought anyone in the world actually took me seriously, ever. 

On Saturday, I went to badminton for the first time this year and afterwards had a Sherlock marathon with my friend Vivien! We eventually took out FredOrGeorge (my tripod) and posed with Harry Styles! We had a great afternoon watching Sherlock and posing with Harry Styles. 

During the Christmas sales I also bought some things online which finally arrived on Thursday & Friday! (Photos are below) I haven't worn/used all the clothes and bag yet but I'm looking forward to! 

Sorry for the brevity of this blog post, I can't seem to write a lot at the moment no matter how hard I try. Hopefully when I'm back in school I'll be in the frame of mind to be able to write more! It could also be the fact that I'm watching the Dan and Phil show online *drools over Dan* and that Sherlock is on in 45 minutes... 

Myself and Vivien posing with Harry!


I think someone has their eye on Harry *coughs awkwardly*

My reactions to Allegiant...

*end of the book* 

Some of the things I ordered on the Roxy site, I bought the hoody in one of the clothes shops in town (Half price sale wahey) and the top online

I also bought a Hollister top and hoodie (don't judge me, it was free shipping!)

The lovely bag I bought on the Roxy site, I literally can't wait to use it! 
Ps. I bought these items with my own money.Hollister and Roxy did not pay me or anything, this is just me fangirling over Christmas sales!) :) 

So that's it from me!
Tomorrow I'll be braving the school corridors again for the first time in like 3 weeks :( 
I call it peasant fighting but oh well
too late to take that back 
oh well
Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!
Aveen xx

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Everything's Got To End Sometime, Otherwise Nothing Would Ever Get Started

Hey Everyone!

So this is my first blog post of 2014! That feels so weird typing that! The title of this blog post comes from The Doctor ~ Matt Smith (who regenerated and I cried but we'll forget that, welcome Peter Capaldi!) I found the quote to be quite fitting for how I'm feeling at the moment. Everything has to end, otherwise nothing would get started. 2013, which was great for me, has to end, because nothing aka 2014 wouldn't get started if it didn't. I have to be fearless and accept that things will change, and things always change. After all, life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

I decided to change a few things on my blog as you might have noticed. The 2013 header is now gone, replaced with a newer, updated version of The Random Life Of Aveen (tell me what you think of it!) I also changed the description below the header to ''As the internet proclaims freedom of speech, it's very easy to write exactly what you want, whenever you want''  Which seems like a strange choice but I can explain! You may be wondering who said that quote, because if I could speak only through quotes, I would. This quote is actually by me, for a law essay competition with a university. The lecturer compiled quotes of the top 5 essays from each category, this was my quote. Wow Aveen you're such a narcissist putting your own quote on your blog wow.

You may be asking if I have any plans for my blog this year. Personally I'm asking myself the same question! As I'm a lifestyle blogger, you never know what you'll be writing about from one week to the next. I'm a creature of habit generally but I like how unpredictable my blogging life is. I honestly have no idea what life has in store for me, and I think my blog reflects that, but that's the beauty of it. As I read previous blog posts it's like a diary of what I was doing and how I was feeling and it's quite a wonderful feeling in a way to see myself mature and progress through life.

You might be wondering have I been doing much this week since Christmas is over... the answer is NOPE! I've barely left the house, I've eaten, slept, gone on Tumblr and watched countless DVD's, heaven really. I know it will soon end as I'm back to school on Monday (I think today is Wednesday) so here are some photos from my week... Okay it was only one day and it was selfies with Harry....


Turning into The Doctor & testing him with a sonic screwdriver 

A random photo testing out my tripod (FredOrGeorge) along with an awkward smile.. 


A delicious hot chocolate I made before I finished my Othello essay 


Basically my life in a nutshell... I'm reading ''The Perks Of Being A Wallflower '' now instead of Wuthering Heights! 

So that's my first post of 2014! (Nearly typed 2013, oops)
So tonight is SHERLOCK'S RETURN #SherlockLives and in the honour my header on Twitter is of Johnlock (John and Sherlock) oh have I missed that show! 

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!
The Game Is Back On! (Sherlock reference) 
Aveen xx