Sunday, 30 March 2014

Bubbles And Flashbacks

Hey Everyone!

This week was what can only be described as an insane week. Today of course is Sunday and it's rare when I can't recall the previous Monday and week.

I decided that this week I wouldn't use a song lyric as my blog post title, so I chose two things that have been quite prominent in my week this week, bubbles and flashbacks. That does sound slightly weird, however it is easily explained.

Bubbles. It was the lovely Grace's birthday on Wednesday and her birthday party on Friday. As a surprise, Chyan and I organised to bring in bubbles that day to surprise her! The bubbles were such a hit with everyone else that I was asked (forced is another adjective I'd use) to bring the bubbles to Grace's house on Friday. All seven of us spent a multitude of hours simply blowing bubbles in Grace's room. (Sorry about the floor)

We had a brilliant night so a huge thank you is in order for Grace! We all had a brilliant time, especially watching Gossip Girl and telling stories from my trip to Galway, sorry if I slightly traumatised you all about the time when I was pushed off one of the cliff edges..

Another thing that has been playing on my mind is, flashbacks. This one is slightly more difficult to describe in a few words or even paragraphs. This mainly occurred this week as I had to write an essay/speech for English about ''A speech we would give at our graduation from school'' The title really had me thinking.

We all have random flashbacks and recollections to our past, even something insignificant that happened earlier that day, I've noticed I've been having a lot of flashbacks, both positive and negative. I try to stop myself having flashbacks, especially at the horrid and dreaded hour of 4 am.

You may be wondering what my mind thinks of in my 'flashbacks' well, it's flashes of memories from my childhood and early years as a teenager really. One minute it could be a happy memory from age eleven, the next, a memory of crying in the playground as I'd been chased by girls in my class screaming profanities of how I'd never amount to anything.

But this is not what this blog post is about. As I wrote in the essay/speech, ''Don't let your past steal your future'' I'll let them wonder how I got this far, I'm wondering that myself, but I'm still travelling towards bigger and better things.

My Week In Photos

A random selfie before going to Grace's party 

With Aisling & Vivien !

'All of them' 

Selfie with Viv 

Casual selfie with Aisling

A 'very good' selfie with Grace

That's about it from me this week, check out my very first beauty haul here! 
Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!

Mini Haul - Make Up Products!

Hey Everyone!

I generally post lifestyle blog posts with a hint of fashion, however today I am leaping into the world of beauty blogging!

I generally wear no make up or very little as I feel I don't have the time (or effort) to wear any. I have embarrassing stories from when I was in First Year aged thirteen wearing mascara (how rebellious) to school one Monday morning. The first class was Home Ec and we were learning how to cut an onion, yes an onion.

So I was chopping up this onion and my eyes started to water. I was blinking back tears as I was chopping up the onion, until, I started crying from the fumes. Did I say that the mascara WASN'T waterproof? You can probably imagine what happened next. .

Yep! Black stained tears streaming down my face. Needless to say, after that incident I have always been very wary of make up products. It sounds ridiculous doesn't it?

Back to the present day, today I was in the pharmacy getting my photos developed and I had a little look through the Essence cosmetics.

All in all, I bought

 BB cream 02 Natural which is perfect for my skin tone. 
Essence Sun Club All-In-One Highlighter. I bought the ''brunettes, darker skin'' version as my skin is slightly tanned all year round. 
Essence 3D eyeshadow called ''Irresistible vanilla latte'' 
and an Essence powder brush.  

So far, as I literally just bought the products, I haven't had a chance to use them. From the little amount of experimentation I have already completed, I love them. Another huge bonus for Essence make-up is the cost, it's ideal for any budget. 

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!
Aveen xx

Sunday, 23 March 2014

To a great mind, nothing is little ~ Sherlock Holmes

Hey Everyone!

I was meant to write this blog post last night, however time soon turned against me, meaning it was past midnight when I was ready to type a single letter on my keyboard.

I generally avoid writing at night, at all costs. This may seem a little strange, however it's just something I have to do to avoid any negative thoughts seeping into my mind and conscience. It's why I generally try and finish any homework before 9 or 10 pm  at night, it gets bad when I'm not finished by that time.

For a change, you won't really notice this but I will, I decided to write this entire blog post in a notebook before I posted it. This means that I wrote this blog post in my blogging notebook and transferred it later on into a blog post. I found that my vocabulary and linking sentences between paragraphs improved dramatically when I wrote down my thoughts on paper instead of typing keyboard buttons.

So now onto TRLOA. On Monday, you probably already knew, it was St. Patrick's Day, a massive day in the Irish calendar. I won't go into too many details about the parade and all that, I was mainly just irritated by the many people on social networking sites who called the day ''St. Patty's Day'' *Cringes from embarrassment*

I had school the next day (Tuesday) so I was honestly surprised about how many people were in school the next day, considering the previous day was Paddy's Day. However when I say that, there was a lot of very tired and possibly hungover students and teachers walking slowly through the corridors at 9 am!

The rest of the week was a blur, so I'll use the photos below to describe the rest of the week.

My Week In Photos
I wore this on Friday and I just adored the black collar, I've been wearing it a lot with my cosy jumpers as it's still relatively cold. 
Collar and Jumper: Both Penneys
''Hey Aveen you haven't been tweeting a lot lately, why is that?'' 
Comparative English Essay, fun.. 

Writing 4 a4 pages about Wuthering Heights and I'm Not Scared is how evenings are spent now...

Some of the quotations I wrote and stuck on my wall on Saturday afternoon

My latest letter from my penpal Claire  ! The envelope was covered in really pretty teddy bear stickers, I'll be writing a reply very soon. 

I was down town doing some shopping when I saw this beautiful poster of Sherlock. It's now beside my bed and I love it!

Here's a few of the new quotes I stuck up on my wall on Saturday. Most of them are Sherlock and Doctor Who quotes

Even more quotes! These are right beside my bed so I can see them every morning and night and stay inspired! (Motivated today, sorry)

Productive afternoon.. 

Three of my favourite quotes at the moment. 

Doctor Who #11 

So that's all from me, I also did a mini- stationery haul at the weekend which I'll be posting maybe in the middle of the week. 
Wishing you all a lovely week ahead,
Stay Strong, Happy & Fearless!
Aveen xx 

Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Random Life of Aveen Adores Fanny Crown!

Hey Everyone!

I was recently contacted by the lovely people from Fanny Crown who asked me to take part in their blogger contest! I'm delighted to say that this is my entry.

I was asked to pick a dress from their website and describe how I would style it. Due to the sheer amount of simply stunning dresses available on their website (Dresses for events such as debs, proms and lots more!) I finally chose this gorgeous dress.

I checked to see if there was a description about the dress, unfortunately there was not, so I'll use my own to describe the dress and how I would personally style it. 

Firstly, I would wear this dress to literally any event, the dress is tailor made and titled ''Chic Sweetheart Mid-Long Golden Evening Dress'' which is such a pretty name in my opinion. 

The dress is a mid-length nude/beige dress. From the waist down, the dress is made of a flared lace material which looks not only elegant but extremely flattering on any size. The length of the dress is very dainty, it's not too short and not too long either. I feel that the length means that you could wear this dress to any event you wanted, Communions, Confirmations, Weddings, maybe even your Debs! (Mine's next year :O!)

I particularly adore the top half of the dress. The neckline is quite subtle yet charming. The straps are also beige/nude. I love how the bodice has a sequinned finish, I find that it's quite intricate and beautifully detailed. It's obvious from the photos that a lot of care and precision is taken to make the entire dress and the materials look to be a very good quality too. 

Now onto the accessories! I personally would style this beautiful dress with a pair of nude heels. At the moment there is an utterly delightful pair on I think that the shape of the platform heels would really compliment the dress. 

The handbag I picked is also nude but has a simply intricate and beautifully detailed lace finish. The bag is on sale from Next and is relatively inexpensive for such a charming little handbag! 

For make-up I would use a red MAC lipstick for impact and to make your face stand out in comparison to the nude/beige dress and accessories. The eye shadow of preference would be from the NAKED 2 palette and I'd use the eye shadow colours from the palette to create a sultry smokey eye, perfect for any occasion. 

To have more of a ''mood board'' or 'collage' feel to the photos here, I also added some inspirations I thought of as I was choosing accessories and make up idea's. The roses I thought looked appealing and I thoroughly loved the shade of the roses. I also added a photo of a cute little bunny rabbit as I think rabbits are one of the cutest animals I've seen. 

So that's how I would style the ''Chic Sweetheart Mid-Length Golden Evening Dress'' I hope you all enjoyed this blog post, I know I had a lot of fun choosing a dress along with accessories and make-up to go with the dress. 

**** I was also given a 15% discount code for all you lovely readers!****

Coupon Code: TRLOAVEEN14
Validity: 17th March - 2nd May 2014. 

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!
Aveen xx

Sunday, 16 March 2014

You could be doing anything you dream of.. If you believe in the things that make you strong

Hey Everyone! 

So this week was an extremely quick week for me. As I sit here on a Sunday morning typing and listening to Maybe by Birdy (hence the title of today's post) I'm finding it difficult to recall what occurred this week, something which is quite unusual for me as I usually recall everything. 

We had a half day on Monday due to a staff in-service so I missed double religion and also English (yay, but I actually love English) The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so much so I even posted a photo on Instagram about the weather. The day was symbolic that maybe Spring was well and truly here, that the dark, rainy, squally and just generally miserable days in Winter were gone for another few months. 

On Wednesday after school were my parent-teacher meetings, where, as the title says, your parents meet your teachers to discuss you and how you're getting on so far. My parents came home and they were absolutely thrilled, not a single bad/negative comment had been said! -Breathes a sigh of relief- I was quite calm afterwards as I had been slightly concerned about what the teachers would say. 

Thursday truly flew by along with Friday. On Friday my Ag Science class went to a dairy farm at the top of the town (ironically past my house) so at around 9.45am we were driving past my house and all I wanted was to go back to bed, priorities. The farmer showed us around the farm and we all took countless photos. As my uncle has a farm, I'm no stranger to calves, cattle and bulls, but some of the more ''townie'' girls honestly couldn't handle it which was slightly hilarious. 

At around midday we left the farm, just down the road is a petrol station who do what can only be described as the best breakfast rolls and salad rolls ever. As you can imagine, we begged our teacher to let us all have lunch there, which we did! (The other class was on the other bus and went straight back to school without going there hehe) So we all left with simply amazing rolls for lunch. (It's about less than a mile from my house so during the holidays my lovely Mam usually drives me up there to get lunch. Some of the lads even drive up there at lunchtime they love the place that much) 

We arrived back to school nearly half an hour after the other class so I was 25 minutes late for business. My teacher didn't mind as I explained we were later than was expected. (You're meant to tell your teachers in advance if you're not going to be in class due to any trips or GAA matches and whatnot) 

On Saturday I went back to badminton for the first time in I'd say three weeks! I've been given so much homework recently I haven't had any time to go. Needless to say I was really tired (10 am on a Saturday morning) but when we finished up, the weather was amazing. At 4pm I collected my two younger cousins and brought them to my house as their parents were gone to a wedding. 

We watched the Ireland vs France match, screaming with joy and nerves throughout the entire match. We jumped for joy when the final whistle blew (not going to lie, that referee had the most beautiful facial features ever) I got a little teary when Brian O'Driscoll (BOD) was interviewed and was the Man of The Match as it was his last game for Ireland (I also got emotional when Johnny Sexton was take off on a stretcher, I was just emotional throughout the match). A huge congratulations to the team for winning the Six Nations, the selfie they took was just fabulous! 

Enough with my rambling for this week! I posted a blog post yesterday about my blogs first birthday! I guess it was a really good day for Ireland yesterday, brilliant weather, Ireland winning the Six Nations.... and my blog turning one... haha. 

As I'm Irish and in a town somewhere in the South East of Ireland, I'm VERY excited for St. Patrick's Day tomorrow, I've loved the parade since I was a small child. I'll try take some photos of the parade, I'll also be wearing green of course. 

On a final note, happy birthday to the best Mammy in the world, my Mammy! It's her birthday today (the day before Paddy's Day, so you can probably guess that her name is related to that fact) I hope you have a lovely birthday and my brother and I won't annoy you too much today! :D 

Photos from my week!
''Aveen why are you posing with silage?'' It's for my Ag Science project for my Leaving Cert if you're wondering. 

Taking selfies in front of the silage, Ag Students.. 

I was in Tesco on Friday, it's clear they're fans like me! (I bought the DVD and watched the film with a bowl of popcorn on Friday night, heaven)

Another poster in the store! May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour

Some cupcakes we had over the weekend, yum. 

A photo I posted on Instagram. Clear skies in Ireland? Is it the end of the world? ;)

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!
Aveen xx

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Don't Tell Me Our Youth Is Running Out. It's Only Just Begun...

Hey Everyone!

Source: Tumblr

So this day last year, March 15 2013, I wrote my first official blog post as the author of ''The Random Life of Aveen'' Needless to say, my life seems completely different barely 365 days later.

I had a number of 'failed' blogs where I became bored and frustrated over my content and eventually abandoned said blogs. In March 2013, The Random Life of Aveen was born. I wasn't even sixteen and a half but I felt that my life had hit a immovable brick wall which I simply couldn't pass.

Blogging was an outlet for my frustrations and an opportunity to consider what I really wanted to do with my life, to show that my actions, thoughts and personality could make a difference to the world if I wanted it to. At the time, I felt that everything I did, was in vain, even waking up in the mornings could be a waste of time. Somehow, blogging helped me get through that phase. Writing a blog post every week and including photos gave me a purpose each week and this helped immensely.

Soon, my blog actually started getting a few hundred views, in May I got 1500 page views and I was so incredibly proud of myself. A small town girl who was always told she had ''potential'' after years of disbelief, was beginning to believe again.

Every small step was literally a milestone in my eyes. During the summer when I was working in my summer job, my views increased weekly, along with my esteem. It was like Maslow's motivation theory, The Hierachy of Needs.

Source: Google Images

For an awful long time, I was barely at 'love and belonging' I felt as though I didn't belong. In school, I pretty much stuck out like a sore thumb in a mass of people. In the past year however, I've become much closer to Self-Actualisation. Where you possess feelings of creativity, moral integrity, spontaneity, ways of problem solving and so much more. 

Writing about my life through The Random Life Of Aveen doesn't make me obnoxious, rude, vain or self obsessed. It's part of my steps to self actualization and understanding and accepting who I am, flaws and all. It may seem when reading my posts that I have ''an amazing life'' which so many people apparently believe. This. Is. Not. True. I have a student's life. I'm your average 17 year old Fifth Year student who worries constantly about homework, my grades, my future, college and everything in-between, I just happen to write about everything. 

Writing The Random Life of Aveen has opened so many avenues of opportunity which I never believed to be possible. My peers may talk behind my back about my blog, when in reality, I don't really care any more. What matters more is how you perceive yourself. 

The Random Life of Aveen is a year old now and I feel as though I could never part with my blog and all the lovely friends I've made through blogging. I hope this will be among the first of many milestones I experience here as a blogger, and I hope all you lovely readers will continue to join me on the roller coaster that is, the random life of Aveen. 

This was a little blog post about the first year of TRLOA, whether this is the first blog post of mine you've read, or the 50th, I can't thank you enough. It's strangely comforting to have people all over the world reading my thoughts and sentences. 

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!
Aveen xx

lyrics: Foxes ~ Youth

Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Only Thing Embedded In My Mindset, Is How I'm Addicted To Progress..

Hey Everyone!

Lyrics: The Coronas ~ Addicted To Progress
Sorry for the later than usual blog post today, I was actually being sociable this weekend for once! *Shock horror*

This week was my second week back after Mid-Term, in reality it feels like two months. I'm utterly exhausted at the moment, I've actually no idea why I'm so tired. Everything seems to be so stressful and I keep wishing there was more hours in the day to either study or sleep.

It's honestly shocking how quickly time is flying by, in 3 months, I'll be sitting somewhere in Galway talking Irish. In September when I started Fifth Year, I felt that the year was going to last for ever and the Gaeltacht felt like an unreachable destination. With each passing day and week, it's edging ever closer in my mind.

Monday to Friday was literally a ''blink and you'll miss it'' type of week.But Pancake Tuesday was glorious, I'm definitely in love with lemon and sugar pancakes. I was extremely positive on Monday morning however this positivity evaporated by the end of the day. At the end of each day I was practically begging to go home, even the other students blocking my locker block would set me crazy. (I don't cope well with a lack of sleep as you can probably tell)

We had a maths test on Wednesday, which I had a number of sleepless nights over (Might as well be honest) Due to the classes abysmal performance, we were given another test on Friday which hopefully will be better. I've been having nightmares and weird dreams about maths nearly every night since Monday, it's been horrible! (Imagine maths equations like chasing you near cliffs and screaming to find the volume of random objects, yep)

On Friday evening was the last week of the Irish Club until September (It's Spleodar, can't say which one though, cos that's a little stalkerish) and my friends and I were sad that Spleodar was over as we loved talking in Irish, playing games, eating pizza and of course, gossiping as Gaeilge!

Which leads onto why I wasn't on the interwebs on Saturday! All the Spleodar clubs went to Carlow for ''Slogadh Spleodar'' where we were in a parade all over Carlow all carrying balloons for Seachtain Na Gaeilge. Afterwards we had lunch and listened to an Irish band called ''Mo Hat Mo Gheansaí'' who were savage and played lots of songs in Irish (including one of my favourites, The Coronas, Heroes or Ghosts, link below to The Coronas singing it)

After Mo Hat Mo Gheansaí's performance (which had everyone up and dancing) We went to another very Irish place, Supermacs. I will admit now, I'd never been to Supermacs, mainly because it's not in my town (Niall Horan is obsessed with the place apparently!) The place was full of Spleodar students. Afterwards we began rehearsing for the Comórtas (Competition) where each club had their own song to sing and the best would be the winner.

*laughs really awkwardly* Our song was about Domino's pizza, honestly. The song was to tune of Waka Waka by Shakira. It was honestly hilarious singing about pizza ''Ni Mhaith Linn Glasraí'' ~ We Don't Like Vegetables, that was a line from the song! I'd post the actual lyrics but I'm laughing so hard thinking about us standing up on the stage singing the song about pizza, only in Spleodar! :)

Overall, it was an interesting week, full of plenty of ups and downs, but that's just the unpredictability of life. I try not to compare my ''behind-the scenes to someone else's highlight reel'' It may seem that bloggers have ''amazing lives'' (I have been told this by people) But in reality, I'm the quiet girl in the class who rarely speaks unless to say ''here'' when my name is called. People think I'm oozing with self confidence, it's the total opposite. I love writing, and this is my way of writing.

Photos from my week!
A random selfie, I'm still getting used to my glasses. 
Top and hoody are both Roxy. 

The place where most of life is now spent. ie, studying (Student-Dying)

I bought this months issue of Company magazine with Zoella on the cover! I've read most of it and it's absolutely brilliant. I loved Zoella's interview and photoshoot, the Grease t shirt was gorgeous.

A random selfie taken this morning. I feel as though my glasses make me look younger? Idk.

''Aveen your parent teacher meetings are on Wednesday'' *Fear in my eyes* 

First trip to Supermacs with malteser ice-cream. Half my OTP (Dantesers)

One of my favourite songs possibly ever, Heroes or Ghosts by The Coronas, in Irish! 

Stay Strong, Happy & Fearless,
Aveen xx

Sunday, 2 March 2014

I’ll Be Waiting, Waiting On A Brand New Day..

Hey Everyone!

Lyrics: Brand New Day ~ Kodaline
So it was my first week back from Mid-Term this week, something I only realised on Saturday, oops. I had an interesting week this week, it was a total and utter blur! One minute I was yawning on Sunday night, the next minute I was leaving Ag Science at 3.15 pm on Friday with little homework or study to do.

The teachers were okay this week, due to having so much homework and study (It's astronomical in comparison to the work I did in second and third year, to all 2nd/3rd Years, you have no idea how easy you have it, honestly!) So if I even do socialise, it's now on the weekends.

Mid-Week however, my vision of the world changed dramatically, quite literally! I got new glasses! Unfortunately, my eyesight has worsened so I have literally awful eyesight (to put it into context, I'm looking at this screen from literally 30cm away and I can't read it, all I can see is a few black blurs) I got my new pair and also a new pair of sunglasses after school on Tuesday.

Once I tried them on, I literally got the biggest shock ever. My previous pair of glasses were quite weak (as my eyesight had worsened since I'd first gotten them) so these new pairs were literally the world in high definition! I've posted some photos below of my new glasses, bear in mind, they're VERY different from my old glasses, it took me a few days to get used to them. My sunglasses are similar but even larger which did startle me as I had double vision when I tried them on! (They're fine now though)

I went to my Irish club on Friday night and had a great time with my friends there (even though only less than half the club was there) We played card games like Spit which was utterly hilarious (I'd never played it before and it was explained in Irish, you can probably see where this is going) but I understood it and had great fun. I'm also doing something with my Irish club next Saturday so my blog post next week won't be up until at least Sunday! Watch this space ;)

On Saturday, I accidentally slept in until 10.30 am  (badminton starts at 10 am) so I missed badminton and stayed at home, eating breakfast and watching The Walking Dead. My brother was home from University and as he won't be here for Pancake Tuesday, Mam decided we should have pancakes on Saturday! We ate what felt like dozens of pancakes (It was like 4)

Afterwards my brother and I went to the nearest shop (Sounds like Tesco) and I bought a magazine because a photo of Dan Howell was in it! We also bought the DVD of Thor which I watched when we got home. Tom Hiddleston *swoons*

I went babysitting later on and finished my English homework about Wuthering Heights and also my maths homework (which I finished today, oops)

Overall, I had a fast-paced week, however it was quite interesting. I really needed to recharge my batteries over Mid-Term which I did, so I'm back at full speed because the next two years of my life are a marathon, not a sprint as I've told myself constantly for the past year or so.

Photos from my week!

Saturday afternoon: Watching Thor and reading magazines..

DAN HOWELL <3 his="" in="" is="" my="" nbsp="" now="" on="" p="" room="" wall="">

Selfies from today where I experimented with another ''collar and jumper'' outfit!

My brother now calls me a hipster because of my glasses

A blurry photo of my new glasses

My collar and jumper

See you all next week! 
Stay Strong, Happy & Fearless!
Aveen xx