Sunday, 28 September 2014

Bad Blood.

Hey Everyone! 

So I'm officially an eighteen year old. Which, personally is a slightly terrifying thought. I am a legal adult. I. Am. A. Legal. Adult. It feels as though I just jumped from being a thirteen year old to an eighteen year old in the space of an afternoon. 

This blog post is different. It's different for a number of reasons. As an eighteen year adult I feel that I should act in a more mature manner (don't laugh it's a serious thought) and that those around me, in my immediate friends and those trying their best to try break in to my zone once more should try be mature too. 

Bad blood is a feeling of hatred towards someone, if you didn't know. In my eighteen years, I have had my fair share experience of bad blood. I think most people do too. Between disagreements and comments, everyone has experienced bad blood. It's not something I'm proud of, however it happens and I know when to stop a 'fight' and to move on with my life, which I'm quite good at, mainly due to experience of learning to move on to the next adventure life has in store. 

It's when others don't know when to move on. It's when the bad blood boils under the surface is when it's wrong. Life progresses, life moves on and in the words of Stephen Chbosky, ''Things change. And friends leave. Life doesn't stop for anybody.”  My life is very different to how it was last year. It's different in both positive and negative ways. Things and my situations have changed, friends have left, more friends have joined and life keeps going, no matter what situation you are in.  

The teenage years are the most turbulent I'm told. We figure out our true identities and paths in life, we decide who to bring along on our journey and who to leave behind. Bad blood can have a heavy influence on these decisions. When you leave someone's life, that doesn't give you the right to come knocking whenever you fancy. Once you leave a person and their friend group, you're gone for good, there's no 'Get of Jail Free' card here. 

Leaving a person's life doesn't allow you to come back for showdowns or snide comments both in real life or online. Nor does possessing bad blood give you that right. I'm entitled to live my life the way I please. I've made mistakes in the past (Oh I do know that, I don't really need reminding) however just because you know about them, doesn't mean you are automatically allowed to bring them up every time I breathe.

Bad blood can be sad. It can be tragic that people can possess that much enmity or hatred towards a person or group for a long amount of time.  We are all the protagonist in our own lives, that doesn't mean that everyone else is the antagonist. I mean, to possess so much hatred over a prolonged period of time, the hatred must consume a person? Instead of being filled with hope, optimism, joy, buoyancy and exhilaration of life, a person possessing bad blood most likely feels all the opposite. 

I think that's a waste of a life. Spending days, months or even years focused on bad blood, hatred, and trying to ruin another human being's day, week or life, is a sham of how human life should be experienced. Life should be filled with happy moments, not sitting in your room thinking about how much you hate a person. That's not the way it should be. 

I'm writing this blog post for a reason. I'm tired of people holding grudges against me for things which I moved on from long ago. I urge others to do the same. It's sad when people who haven't been friends with me for years openly 'have a go' at me as if it's their god given right. Just because you were once friends with someone doesn't give you the right to openly despise them nor make me feel like it's my problem, when it is in fact the opposite. 

My advice on dealing with bad blood? Move on. Two short words. It's okay to have a little vent once a friendship ends, but continuing to do for weeks, months or even years is worrying and not good for your well-being, nor the person you discuss or have bad blood with. Read a book, sing a song, and live your own life to the maximum, instead of being so obsessed with hating and ridiculing another's life. 

*I heard the song 'Bad Blood' by Bastille, which inspired this song.
 'All this bad blood here, won't you let it dry?
                                               It's been cold for years, won't you let it lie?' 

So that's all from me, I'll be posting in the coming days about my 18th and everything I did this weekend and more!
Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!
Aveen xx

Sunday, 21 September 2014

''It Isn't All It Seems At Seventeen..''

Hey Everyone!

It's the end of another long week filled with the lovely thoughts of Sixth Year, Leaving Cert, CAO and the big one, College. This blog post also marks the last blog post I'll write as a seventeen year old (hence the reference to the age) The next time I write here, I'll be an adult! How terrifying is that.

It's slightly strange being seventeen and on the verge of being a 'legal adult' I remember being a child and wishing away my days to be a 'grown up' so I could have independence, go to secondary school and move away from home. Now it's come to the stage where that is what I'm experiencing! I'm a few days off eighteen, in my last year of secondary school and considering my future prospects for college. It's scary how time flies but I'm looking ahead and keeping positive.

This week was filled mainly with school tests, revision, studying and at times, procrastination. On Wednesday I attended Higher Options with my school in the RDS in Dublin. Higher Options is a large event where Sixth Year students can chat directly to colleges, get a prospectus and in general, just get advice.

Despite the huge crowd, I actually bumped into a lot of people I knew from outside of school. Walking through various stands, I saw a lot of people from my Gaeltacht course (Leitir Móir is life) and managed to stop and chat to a few people. It was great seeing my friends from the course. We all life in different corners of the country, it's a small world when you bump into them! So hello to the people I saw, and if you saw me, hello!

I walked around all the stands with my friends and we stopped at various universities and colleges that we had interests in. I went to the primary teaching colleges and had a lovely time speaking to the people at the stands, except for one college which immensely disappointed me as the rest were so lovely!

As you'll see from the photos below, I bumped into another blogger, Rachel from OhHeyThereRachel whilst at Higher Options! It's actually really strange seeing bloggers in real life, as you're so used to reading their words and seeing their faces on your laptop screen! I probably scared Rachel (sorry!) by casually talking to her and asking to take selfies for the craic.

My brother arrived home from University on Friday and handed me a The Fault In Our Stars poster! I squealed with joy and immediately hung up the poster, needless to say, I love it!

Saturday was mainly consumed by endless piles of homework and study. I've started writing English quotes on flashcards and sticking them on my walls. (My Mam thinks I've reached the highest level of insanity) However I've remembering many more quotes from Othello and my favourite poet, Sylvia Plath. That last sentence was dripping in sarcasm.

Today, (Sunday) I attended Mass with the parents for my Grandparent's anniversary. The priest bored me to tears, double maths on a Friday morning would be easier to deal with (especially when the Mass lasts nearly an entire HOUR instead of half an hour) Which made me lose all patience and nearly fall asleep from boredom. (If you're from my area in Ireland you will know exactly which one I'm talking about)

Afterwards we went to my aunt and uncles house and most of my cousins, aunts and uncles were there too. We all sat on the decking and basked in the gorgeous sunshine. We all left later and I finished my English essay about how we live in an un-heroic age (which I agree with, mainly as I was in a foul, pessimistic mood)

The next week should be interesting, myself and one of my friends are 'i gceannas' in charge of the activities in our Spleodar club (on my birthday, the irony) and we're busily planning lots of activities! I'll let you know what my first week as a cinnire will be like!

Photos from my week!

Selfie with Rachel

A blurry photo with Rachel at Higher Options *subtly covers school crest*

The TFIOS poster The Sibling bought me, thank you!

Favourite quote

A small selection of the quotes now plastered on my bedroom walls

An ironic quote indeed.

So that's about it from me! I hope you all have a fabulous week!
Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!
Aveen xx

* Lyric: ''At Seventeen'' by Janis Ian. 
My Mam was singing the song this week, wonder what she'll sing when I'm eighteen?

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Supporting Aware and #BeatTheBlues Campaign

Hey Everyone!

So this blog post is a little different to the rest. Today I want to write about Aware and the brilliant services they provide to people in Ireland and how they are ''Your supporting light through depression.''

In Ireland and all over the world, mental health illnesses are common yet many people hid their illness in shame and embarrassment. It's perceived to a 'weakness of character' and a 'fatal flaw' of a person. It doesn't have to be this way, and Aware have been and still are working hard to break down this stigma that has dominated Ireland for too long.

From their website it's easy to access information about mental illness such as depression, with startling statistics that ''depression affects 450,000 in Ireland at any one time'' That is A LOT of people, it's not just a number, their real people with lives, families and friends. The website is clear and makes finding information on depression easy and has lots of useful links.

Aware also have a #BeatTheBlues campaign which is a free programme for secondary schools in Ireland. #BeatTheBlues is a positive mental health campaign for senior-cycle students in secondary school. Just last Monday I attended the programme as every Sixth Year student in my school had been attending at different times throughout the week.

I can honestly say it was two class periods well spent. We received a booklet and discussed 'The Coping Triangle'  and how to form a coping sentence from using your concerns. I found the coping sentence so effective as I'm in Sixth Year, I'm really worried about getting good test results and achieving all my goals in the Leaving Cert next June. I found that writing down my thoughts, feelings and actions so helpful to articulate my worries about school and my future.

I felt that the programme was brilliant to attend, especially early into Sixth Year, it has since alleviated my stress with studying and the breathing technique we learnt has been quite useful too. We also got to keep the booklet which I've been reading in my spare time and made me realise that I don't have to study 24/7, it's better to study effectively for a short time, rather than study badly and not absorb information for 6 hours straight. It's better to take a break and do something you want to do, like write a blog post!

Aware also have a campaign video here which features graffiti artist Hyerografx and accurately portrays how mental health is so important to us all.

In the midst of studying for exams, it's important to take time to relax and rest :) 

I hope you all enjoyed reading this blog post, if you want to find out any more information about depression or Aware, here is their website. There's lots of easily accessed information and remember, it's okay not to feel okay. 

Stay Strong, Happy & Fearless!
Aveen xx

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Autumn/Winter: Penneys/Primark Haul!

Hey Everyone!

I'm back today with a small Penneys/Primark Haul! I was in Limerick last week and decided to pay a little visit to Penneys and see what was there. As usual I wasn't disappointed and picked up some items which you can see below! 

These are fairylights which I bought for 4 euros, they're battery operated and simply stunning at night time on my mirror. 

I couldn't resist this cutesy bear make up bag, it was 3.50

I'm wearing these as I type this! These Minnie Mouse slippers were 9 euros and I love them! I've a 2 year old little cousin who is infatuated with them too. 

I've started wearing boots and came across these and fell in love with them! I wore them last night to a friends 21st and they were so comfortable and a steal for 18 euros. 

I see a pattern forming.. 

A bunny onesie!

Another decoration for my room, it's simple yet pretty.

This was my favourite buy, a fluffy cardigan for 15 euros! I've worn it on a night out and it was so lovely and snug!


And finally, a luggage tag! My impulse buying knows no bounds

This was a brief blog post about my Penneys haul.
I hope you all enjoyed it and I hope to be back blogging full time again now. 
I have another special blog post planned and it'll be interesting and slightly personal to write. 
Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!
Aveen xx

Friday, 12 September 2014

''She Ran Away To Chase Her Dreams, And They Said She Wouldn't Make It Far.''

Hey Everyone!

As you may know, it's been nearly two weeks since I last posted here. I genuinely do have reason(s) for this, however the main one is just Sixth Year/Leaving Cert. I always knew it was going to be a gruelling and difficult year, especially when you choose to do all Honours subjects.

Most nights now consist of going home from school, starting my homework, dinner, back to homework and study, sleep and repeat. There have been days where I haven't touched my laptop and just check some notifications in the morning on my phone running out the door.

I've also developed a wonderful coffee addiction. I was expecting this to happen, after all when you study/do homework for 4+ hours each night, you do need a nice dose of caffeine. So now each morning begins with dragging myself to get a cup of coffee (2 shots) which still doesn't quite make me feel awake for some reason.

I do occasionally leave my bedroom by the way, last Sunday I travelled to Limerick city.
My brother goes to the University there and I plan hopefully to study in another college in the city too. We visited UL and Mary Immaculate College, for primary teaching. (Bonus points if you figured out what I want to do!)  As my brother has attended the Uni for a number of years, we've made frequent trips to Limerick (despite taking over 3 hours to get there!)

While we visited, the 'Granny' was also there. The streets were absolutely covered in confetti and as the All-Ireland hurling final was that day, there was a lot of Tipperary jerseys (#TippToWinTheReplay #AnyoneButKilkenny) We also went to one of my favourite places, Penneys! I'll have a Autumn Haul pretty soon, so stay tuned for that!

The photos below are from my trip to Limerick, there was also meant to be a photo of a horse on the green grass area of a housing estate in Limerick which unfortunately didn't upload (probably because it's a stereotype of what Limerick is supposedly like)

Sitting in campus in UL 

Sorry for how brief this post is, I just wanted to write SOMETHING as soon as I could. I have two further blog posts for the next few days planned so check my Twitter for updates! 
Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!
Aveen xx

PS, you know you are a Leaving Cert student when all the LC Meme's and accounts follow you on Twitter! How terrifying. 

Lyrics: 5 Seconds of Summer ~ Social Casualty