Sunday, 18 January 2015

''And The Sky Turned Black Like A Perfect Storm''

Hey Everyone!

Another week has come and gone. It's startling how fast time has been going by as of late.

My life has mainly consisted of waking up, school, homework, study, food and sleep. It's alright I suppose, yet I crave more meaning in my life. I find I'm constantly reminding myself that the Leaving Cert will be over in June and I just have to deal with these next six months of pain until then. I saw someone compare it to ''A year of pain for extra gain.'' Which is startlingly accurate in my opinion.

Enough with my existential crisis and craving for substance and meaning to my existence! I went to the Open Day for Mary Immaculate College on Saturday morning in Limerick. It's a two and a half hour-ish drive from where I live (Aka The Sunny South East) so I was equipped with my music and earphones. I'm used to driving to Limerick occasionally as my brother is in UL so the city doesn't seem like an alien concept to me.

We left early on Saturday morning as the Open Day started at 11am and we wanted to be there on time. The weather was utterly treacherous. From Stradbally onwards, it was a winter wonderland with snow covering the cars. I have to commend all the road gritters from the various counties we journeyed through, all the roads were gritted. We were on the motorway just before Moneygall (The place obsessed with Obama with the Obama Plaza and all sorts!) and it was a really, really dangerous bend. We saw a lane was closed with ambulances and fire brigades with flashing lights.

The bend was horrifically slushy and a car was overturned and flipped on its roof in the ditch. It was genuinely terrifying, especially as when the firemen were directing us and the other cars, we all starting slipping in the slush! However, luckily we were fine and took even more care on the way to Mary I.

At 10.50 we parked outside. We knew the way as I visited the campus briefly in the Summer on another day. We walked to the building where the Open Day was being held and attended one of the talks about the courses at Mary I. To say that I fangirled when I noticed the lecturer had an Orla Kiely bag was an understatement! (Mine was standing proudly on the desk too)

The talk was extremely informative and soothed any concerns my parents had about different aspects of the course. Afterwards we went on a tour of the campus and the accommodation available on-campus. There was a strange mix of people at the Open Day, the majority were girls and some lads. On the tour of the campus a mother and her son (A TY we presume as she asked him if he wanted to go to the college ''when his time came'') were horrifically pushy and literally shoved me into a wall in a bid to keep up with the tour guide! (Bit eccentric, especially as the child isn't even doing his LC this year)

Apart from that, I had a brilliant morning in Mary I and learnt lots about the course I'm considering. Afterwards we ran some errands in the city, had lunch and headed back onto the treacherous roads whilst counting 'Eddie Stobart'' lorries as they passed (We saw 16)

This week will be exciting, I think. On Monday myself and three others from my History class are representing the school at the Senior History Quiz. The lads were on the team last year (and won) so I am determined to contribute my best effort!

I finally caught up on all of my homework and now have the time to study for the mocks! I am feeling relieved that I now have the opportunity to study and actually prepare for the exams. There's a Strike Day on Thursday so I can catch up on sleep too! *Parties in the corner*

*Title: Lyric from Taylor Swift - Clean

 Photos from my week

''Hey Aveen, how's your life these days?''

On the road home from Limerick, the scenery was breathtaking!

All my snaps as of late.

So that's about all from me,
Stay Strong, Happy & Fearless!
Aveen xx

Sunday, 11 January 2015

''Free And Young And We Can Feel None Of It''

Hey Everyone!

This is my first lifestyle blog post of the year! I can't honestly comprehend how quickly the year has been so far. I never quite realised that ten days could pass by in such a hasty fashion. I went back to school this week, which was in one word, traumatising.

I started the week by contracting tonsillitis, exactly what a Sixth Year needs on their first day back after Christmas! I woke up at 2.30 am, struggling to swallow anything and in general agony. I went to the doctor at 7 am, got some medicine (I nearly said the Irish word, help) and went onto school at 9 am. Many people thought I was insane (I could barely talk) but when you're in Leaving Cert there is genuinely nothing you can do but stick it out. missing out on valuable classes is truly not an option.

I managed through school, it was the first time since I had fatigue late last year that I felt back to normal in school, both physically and academically. I'm academically back where I was before I was absent which is such a relief, considering how close the Mocks are. . .

I don't really want to talk about the Mocks as this week I realised it's around a month until them and each time I think about them, my throat tightens and my heart thumps with worry and stress. This week the Leaving Cert timetable was released, which I swiftly printed out and stuck at my study desk as one of my 'motivating pieces'

I realise I've never talked about my 'motivating pieces' at my study desk! They are random things to keep me motivated and determined to achieve the best I can in the exams. For example, one is a quote of ''She turned her can't into cans and her dreams into plans' as I want and desire for the same to happen. Another is a poster of the college I want to attend, a letter from said college, the Leaving Cert timetable and also a small photo of me aged twelve.

A photo of myself you ask? It sounds weird doesn't it? It's not out of vanity (trust me I wasn't the most photogenic twelve year old) It's a passport sized photo and it was taken when I was in Sixth Class, so I'm wearing my primary school uniform in it. I keep it at my desk so whenever I feel like giving up studying or feel frustrated with study, I look at the photo of 'the little girl' and I know - I need- to make this little girl proud of who I have become. It's an incentive to be the best I possibly can be. It's based on the quote, ''If you spoke to your ten year old self, would they be proud?''  I want that little girl to know that I'm trying my utmost to achieve the dreams we share for the future.

I also paid my deposit on accommodation at the college I want to attend, which was a mentally daunting experience. It's all becoming very real indeed. For years I've dreamt of going to college to do something I've always wanted to do. Now, it's all coming into place and I should be thrilled, but I'm utterly petrified at the same time. Time is going by so quickly I'm worried I'll fall behind, or something is going to happen and it'll all be over. I'm determined to keep studying and learning as intensely as ever, there's only six months left of this Leaving Cert and I'm focused on making it the best experience I can.

Everyone in school is generally talking about Leaving Cert timetables, Debs and of course Mocks. We were sitting at the bench at lunch when a GAA lad threw a ball of tinfoil at us, leading to the question of ''Who threw that?'' being raised by a friend of mine. I swiftly replied that it was 'The Peasants' which, in all honestly, led to dirty looks and raised eyebrows all round. Am I sorry? Not at all. In all honesty, if you comment pure and utter spam on my blog for no reason whatsoever, you should really realise that you're not a saint who's untouchable and shouldn't be offended by a mild word in comparison to what you have commented here.

I also hope to make another 'Letters to the Leaving Cert' video in the coming weeks, maybe the midterm after the Mocks? I've gotten some really positive feedback on the videos which is always a bonus! Even if they were ''so sad'' but it's a roller coaster of a year full of ups and downs, I just have to focus on the positives.

Photos from my week!
My advice on life.

Some weird snaps I sent to Grace.

The epitome of my life as of late.

*cries in the corner*

Let us pray indeed.

My Godmother gave me the cutest Christmas present ever, in particular this mug with the yummiest hot chocolate! Thank you :D

I finished this last week. I've always been a massive fan of the Shopaholic series, I'm so excited for the next book! 

Stay Strong, Happy & Fearless!
                                                                       Aveen xx

*Lyrics: Hozier - Sedated.
Definitely one of my favourite songs at the moment, whenever I have spare time I have his album on repeat!

Saturday, 10 January 2015

After Christmas Sales Haul

Hey Everyone!

Hope you are all having a wonderful New Year, even if you're back in school. This blog post is late and should probably be called January sales haul but ''shur it'll be grand.'' Here are the things I bought over the sales before I went back to school!

Hollister had a 50% off sale and free shipping for orders over 25 euro, so I obviously pounced on it. I got these three t-shirts for 12 euro each. I only got them yesterday (hence the lateness of this post) but they're really light and comfortable, perfect for summer and for winter under a cosy hoodie.

I've been wanting a nice pair of boots for the past couple of months and finally got them! These boots are from Susst and I got them for 30 euros on a half price sale. I should probably explain the sale I went to. A local shop in my town stocks lots of designer clothes eg Superdry, Converse, Vans etc and after Christmas they have a half price sale. It's worse than Black Friday, you have to run to the things you want or else they'll be gone! Down below are some other pieces I got in this sale too.

I got these lovely pair of jeans in another sale too. I loved them so much I also got a pair in black. which I've been wearing constantly! I'm waiting for Spring maybe before I start wearing these, they're so comfy and I got them for 20 euros.

These photos genuinely don't do this top justice! It's a black sequinned top/jumper that I got for 30 euros in another local shop. I haven't worn it yet but it looks so pretty.

I also got this lovely and snug Diesel hoodie for 30 euros down from 60 in the half price sale. I just saw it and tried it on, it fitted perfectly! I love it, especially in this cold weather and I love Diesel hoodies.

I also bought a pair of black suede Converse with a warm, insulating type of material inside. These were 40 euros down from 80, yet again it was in the half price sale. I've been wearing them a lot as they're so incredibly comfy and snug!

Last but certainly not least is... my selfie stick. Okay I couldn't resist. I got it for 20 euros in Tesco but my brother paid half so we share it (imagine two selfie sticks in a house? Scary stuff) Mainly my two year old cousin uses it whenever she sees me! I'm waiting for a random social event in order to use it, it's so easy to use as it connects via Bluetooth.

So these were my purchases! I was really happy with what I bought, did you get any bargains?  If so, let me know in the comments!

Stay Strong, Happy & Fearless!
Aveen xx

Friday, 9 January 2015

Five Favourites Friday - Music!

Hey Everyone!

I just realised that this is my first blog post of 2015! Wahey! Time flies when you're having fun (or in school) Christina has created a series called Five Favourites Friday. Each week we choose five of our favourite things, this week is music!

1. Hozier - Sedated

Well, what can I say? If you're Irish you will definitely know about the lovely Hozier. I struggled to choose a song by Hozier, it was a toss-up between 'Angel of Small Death and The Codeine Scene,' 'To Be Alone' and 'In A Week.' It was a difficult choice but the lyrics of Sedated are so hauntingly beautiful. ''You and I nursing on a poison that never stung
                                       Our teeth and lungs are lined with the scum of it
                                             Somewhere for this, death and guns
                                                     We are deaf, we are numb
                                            Free and young and we can feel none of it''

2. Taylor Swift - Style

I got 1989 for Christmas, being a long time Taylor fan, I instantly fell in love with the new direction the album has taken. The lyrics are incredibly catchy and contains lots of over-romanticising, something which you can happily sing along to after three hours of insane studying!

3. One Direction - Night Changes

I also bought 'Four' by One Direction. Needless to say my favourite song is Night Changes. The music video is so adorable and when you're surrounded by devoted Directioners in school, they do grow on you!

4. The Coronas - The Long Way

The Coronas are an Irish band who I have listened to for years. I loved their album, 'Closer to you' and was screeching with delight when The Long Way album was released. I've been listening to 'The Long Way' constantly, especially when I had fatigue late last year.

''I'm not too sure what I've become. but I tried as hard as anyone'' 

5. Gerard Way - Action Cat

During my early teens, I listened to a lot of MCR (My Chemical Romance) FOB and Paramore. I remember being in London when I heard that MCR broke up (my inner 14 year old still cries internally) So when I heard that Gerard Way was releasing a solo album, I knew I had to listen to it. My definite favourite is 'Action Cat' and 'No Shows.' The songs have a different, 80's-esque sound that is refreshing and unique.

So these are my five favourite songs at the moment! Do you have any of the same favourite songs or completely different ones? Let me know in the comments! 
Stay Strong, Happy & Fearless!
Aveen xx