Saturday, 18 July 2015

Blogger Meetup in Dundrum

Hey Everyone!

Last Sunday I travelled to Dundrum with Grace to our second blogger meet up! We met up with Jane, Sarah, Cliona, Karolina and Ciara. Jane, Sarah, Grace and I had met up at the previous blogger meet up earlier in the year but we were just as excited to see each other again.

After initial introductions and hugs, we started to plan where to go for lunch. We eventually decided to go for a 'Cheeky Nando's' as most of us had never been there before. Hence, our jokes of 'Archbishop Of Banterbury,' 'M8s' and more began. We were all seated and had a delicious lunch. The conversation was mainly based around our schools, providing funny tales and anecdotes and of course, the Leaving Cert! The Leaving Cert has a nasty habit of infiltrating conversations even when you're 15 or 18.

After our cheeky Nando's, we went wandering around Dundrum using Jane as a guide. I swear she knows the centre like the back of her hand! We ended up outside and promptly began taking selfies. We used the self-timer on Jane's phone for the first 'Squad Goals' selfie. Unfortunately, my selfie stick didn't want to cooperate with Jane's phone so we had to abandon it. We took copious amounts of selfies and giggled our way through it.

We went window-shopping and into several shops including Hollister - which is considerably brighter now. Last time I went, I was nearly bumping into all the displays. A trip to Starbucks is nearly a compulsory requirement when going to Dundrum so I got a beautiful caramel frappuccino! The best part though was how the barista spelt my name right! (A standing ovation would be appropriate.) We went outside to the astro turf and started chatting and playing games. Cliona was the first to leave and departed amidst hugs and farewells.

Soon, it started lashing rain so we all dashed to Hamleys. Any hint of maturity we possessed quickly evaporated once we set our sights on the toys. I went around squealing, reminiscing over childhood memories with certain toys and television shows. I got an Iron Man fan and sweets for The Sibling who fangirled internally. (Fanboyed perhaps?)

I nearly left out a vital part of the day! One of my friends (Hello!) sent me a photo of a top from Penneys with 'Blogger' written on it. She recommended that I bought it for fun. I mentioned it to Jane and we made it our mission to find the t-shirt. It's unbelievable yet we actually found it! Myself, Jane and Sarah bought the tee on the spot with the other girls going to the their local Penneys in the week to find it. It might as well now be our Squad uniform now. So thanks again to my friend! :)

Sadly, Grace and I were the next ones to leave. Overall, it was a fantastic day with lots of fun and friendships made. I really enjoyed the day and it was fantastic to have the opportunity to meet such lovely girls!

Down below are some photos from the day and I'll leave the links to the girls' blogs below.

Photo credits to Jane and Grace 

Sadly, Ciara doesn't have a blog but she really should. Her fashion style is impeccable! 

Stay Strong, Happy & Fearless!
Aveen x

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Summer Haul!

Hey Everyone!

I was doing some Summer shopping lately and decided that I should show you some of the items I bought. Last week I went for a little trip to Penneys (Primark) as well as some of the local shops in my town.

After reflecting upon the photos, I realised that I have quite the penchant for turquoise. My bedroom was actually turquoise for several years until I changed the colour scheme to white and pink. Perhaps it's my conscience attempting to cling to the calming effect of the turquoise? Who knows, probably I just really like the colour.

As I sat down and began to type this post, I realised I forgot an item or two so they're down below. Have you been doing any shopping or picked up any bargains recently? Let me in the comments!

I got this cute little bag in Penneys. I'm planning on using it as a pencil case in September, it's sure to brighten any mood. 

I picked up this beautiful blouse in a local shop today that had a half price sale. I adore the collar and lace detail. 

While I bought the white blouse, I also saw these turquoise skinny jeans. The photos don't do these jeans justice, they're more green in sunlight. 

Another local shop was doing a summer sale and I bought this Superdry t-shirt. It's really comfortable, cosy and fits really well. 

Amongst my escapades, I bought my debs shoes! (ssh, I bought my dress and am waiting for it to arrive, you'll see photos of it after the debs in August!)
I have to admit, I fell in love with these shoes and they've a small heel so I'll be able to walk in them too!

This pair of white sandals are so comfortable. I generally don't wear sandals but I really like this pair. I'll be wearing these for sure on warm days. 

I have been waiting to buy a pair of Skechers for a good while now and finally did! This pair also featured in last weeks blog post which you can see here.

I saw this top in Penneys and loved it! It's a very thin material so I'm planning on wearing it with a bright fuchsia pink t-shirt underneath to emphasise the delicate detail. 

I picked up this gorgeous black clutch in TK Maxx a couple of weeks ago. It'll be ideal for nights out so I'm not carrying my Orla Kiely bag around! 

I hope you enjoyed my Summer Shopping Haul! 
I'll try post again soon, tomorrow I'm heading up to Dundrum with Grace for a Summer meet up so expect a blog post about that. 
Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless,
Aveen x

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Flower Crown Aesthetic

Hey Everyone!

Time is flying by at a faster pace than I ever imagined. I was hit by a sudden realisation yesterday evening that I had rebooted my blog last week, with the promise of a weekly post - just like it used to be. Well, here I am,

The concept of writing each week has become alien and strange to me due to my absence. I am making a concerted effort to brainstorm and create unique blog posts to produce each week. With a sigh I must admit, it's difficult. This time last year I had no qualms sharing my life in it's near entirety with the masses. Now, times have changed. I feel uneasy and nervous as I tweet about my life, let alone writing thoroughly and a detailed manner about my life on TRLOA. I believe this uneasiness will pass and my comfort zone will increase once more.

With more difficulty, I know I must realise that I should not pressure myself into writing about topics I don't wish to discuss. Yet the more I hold back, the more information that is desired. My confidence on my blog was hammered and shattered throughout Sixth Year by my peers. Taking a deep breath, I will try focus on the acceptance that these events occurred and that I'm a better person now.  I hate to disappoint the readers of this blog but I can assure you, I. Am. Trying. I feel that there aren't enough hours in the day for everything that I want to do. This is so extremely frustrating as I feel I haven't achieved all the goals I set myself on a daily basis. One of those being the goal of producing high quality, well written blog posts. I'm struggling with the gears yet soon I will accelerate.

You might be wondering about the title of this blog post, here is my explanation. I bought a flower crown a couple of weeks ago and I simply adore it. Yesterday I went shopping and amongst the new clothes and items I bought, I became conscious of the fact that I bought a lot of turquoise things. I'm trying this new idea of simplicity and this post title is a product of this.

I'll aim to try post up a Summer shopping haul soon.

I picked up this GoT t-shirt in Penneys and love it!

Turquoise aesthetic much?
I wore my new runners this morning as I went for a brisk walk. They were so incredibly comfortable! The purse/pencil case is from Penneys and so is the sunglasses case with the cat on it. 

If you're wondering where my time has been spent lately, it's through work, reading GoT, listening to music (Mainly Ed Sheeran, Hozier, FOB, The Coronas and Taylor Swift)  and watching Once Upon A Time on Netflix (I'm on Season 2 at the moment and I'm really enjoying watching an episode or two each night) 

What do you love to binge watch on Netflix? Let me know in the comments! 
Aveen x