Sunday, 15 November 2015

Events of the Interlude

Hey Everyone!

I've decided to do a series of 'catch-up' posts. Ironically, I did not write on my blog during some of the busiest months of my life, these events are now stories in my memory and I feel that they should be told.

The Events of the Interlude will cover from mid-August 2015 until October 2015, which was a time of great change in my life and daily existence.

 I realise that my Debs wasn't exactly today or yesterday but it's better late than never.

My debs was on August 19th, (starting college kind of makes you forget the progression of time) a week after receiving our Leaving Cert results/ As a result, all the talk on the night was about what course you received and the points you earned. I went with my friends to the debs and I really would recommend doing so. We were able to stay together and enjoy the night so much as it was only us.

The year congregated outside our (former) school for photographs. It was great seeing so many people after the summer. Soon we departed on a literal fleet of buses to a nearby town to go to a hotel. We had a four course meal. We all quickly headed to the nightclub where the party really started.

There isn't very much to say about a debs as most are more interested in photographs. This post is very photo heavy so enjoy!

A picture is worth a thousand words so this post will very much be photo heavy. I could write endlessly about the debs, several hours of random events and moments all rush through my mind. Yet it's unfair to all of these memories to include only a select few. To isolate particular memories for discussion just isn't practical, especially as with time the night is one huge misshapen event.

I realise how horrifically late these, 'Events of the Interlude' posts will be, but I feel that so much of my life has been documented here, I can't miss out on such vital components of life as of late.

Stay Strong, Happy & Fearless!
Aveen xx

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

A Not So Typical Week in College

Hey Everyone, 

As a first year I felt I should tell you all about some of the events of my life in college. The previous week was Week 9. With assignment topics being distributed faster than you can say 'lectures,' I felt obliged to get stuck into writing and preparing. I finished a couple of assignments and submitted another, so hopefully I can keep up the pace!

As life in college is more balanced I did some extra-curricular activities. On Tuesday evening, Cliona, Orla and I went to see Spectre in the cinema. We all thoroughly enjoyed the film, especially seeing Andrew Scott (aka Moriarty in Sherlock) featuring in a prominent role too. 

On Wednesday, the Mary I art society held a colour run around campus. I'd never participated in a colour run previous to this. Yet it's long been a feature of my Bucket List. (Maybe one day I'll publish it here) The colour run was fantastic and for cancer research, another bonus. We all went back to our accommodation covered in powder, much to the amusement of our friends. 

On Thursday, Cliona and I decided to attend a musical at the Lime Tree Theatre which is on-campus. The play in question was 'The Unlucky Cabin Boy' which was utterly phenomenal! We'll definitely be watching more plays and musicals in the future, such as the Addams Family. It was a superb experience. 

The previous week was incredibly busy. I was run off my feet between lectures, tutorials, assignments and extra-curriculars. It's a nice change. Since starting in Mary I, I've felt truly alive and, to paraphrase Socrates, living an examined life. Being in full control of my life is simply wonderful, a concept which is not imaginable to the Leaving Cert student I was.

Life has changed irrevocably in the past few months. I've never been happier to witness change as I have been now. I met up with one of my secondary school friends, Maeve. We're in colleges in 2 different parts of the country so it was great to meet up for a cupcake and a chat in town on Saturday. Speaking to her made me realise how our lives have all changed since we sat down to sit exams last June. 

We're now all college students, on the courses we craved and dreamed of for years. I am the sibling of a University graduate and subsequent Emigrant. (More about the Sibling in my next post) Times have changed so suddenly and drastically. I, a creature of habit, was initially hesitant of these changes. Now I embrace them. I said in a previous post, I closed one chapter of my life in order to open and start another. My God, I adore this chapter and it's development. 

Stay Strong, Happy & Fearless!
Aveen xx